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Review: Cracked (Soul Eaters #1) by Eliza Crewe

Release Date: November 5, 2013
Publisher: Strange Chemistry
Source: Library
Author Links: Goodreads | Website | Twitter
Meet Meda. She eats people.
Well, technically, she eats their soul. But she totally promises to only go for people who deserve it. She’s special. It’s not her fault she enjoys it. She can’t help being a bad guy. Besides, what else can she do? Her mother was killed and it’s not like there are any other “soul-eaters” around to show her how to be different. That is, until the three men in suits show up.
They can do what she can do. They’re like her. Meda might finally have a chance to figure out what she is. The problem? They kind of want to kill her. Before they get the chance Meda is rescued by crusaders, members of an elite group dedicated to wiping out Meda’s kind. This is her chance! Play along with the “good guys” and she’ll finally figure out what, exactly, her ‘kind’ is.
Be careful what you wish for. Playing capture the flag with her mortal enemies, babysitting a teenage boy with a hero complex, and trying to keep one step ahead of a too-clever girl are bad enough. But the Hunger is gaining on her.
The more she learns, the worse it gets. And when Meda uncovers a shocking secret about her mother, her past, and her destiny… she may finally give into it.

Fuck yeah! Can I give the book 5 stars and give Meda 10?! Is that possible?
Love her. Just...
Meda..ALL THE STARS! Just take them, you snarky little bitch!  
She is, hands down, the best female protagonist I have ever had the privilege to read about.
It's not that she' really evil, per say. I mean, she does sort of eat people occasionally, but most of them deserved it. *cough*
But what really impressed me was her inner dialogue. Crewe has created a young female character who thinks exactly the way I wish every young female character would think! When I rolled my eyes at something the inspirational boy-hero said, so did Meda! When I thought, "She should probably just eat that nice idiot and make a run for it.", wouldn't you know she was thinking the same thing?! 
I mean, sure, he seemed nice and all, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
And yes, I realize I'm overusing exclamation points! I just can't help myself right now!

It's taken me forever to write this review, and I still can't process the right words to say how much I loved this book. I have nothing. NOTHING!
{insert mindless squealing here}

Wait! Stop! Come back! I swear I'll think of something...
*deep breath*
What I'm trying to say, I guess, is that it's not the journey you take with plot, so much as it is the journey inside Meda's mind that makes this one so much fun to read.
Also, there's no romance for our main character. But there is a romance. The one between the other two characters. In fact, those guys are the traditional hero & heroine we're used to seeing in young adult novels.
The guy is handsome, strong, talented, and good. The ladies want him, and the men want to be him.
He is...The Golden Boy.
Or as Meda calls him...The Idiot.
The girl is tough, self-sacrificing, and smarter than everyone else in the room. She has an injury that makes everyone else feel the need to protect her, but she just want to prove that she can fight along side the other hunters.
She is...The Wounded Warrior.
Or as Meda calls her...The Gimp.
And these geeks are who Meda gets stuck with while she's trying to figure out who what she is, and why she does the things she does.

How does she get stuck with them, you ask?
Well, she ate the wrong bad guy, got jumped by some demons, rescued by Golden Boy, interrogated by Wounded Warrior, and sort of passes herself off as a victim to gain access to this group of demon hunters with all their knowledge about soul-suckers like herself.
'Cause she's sorta in the dark about who she is, and why she does the things she does. Her mom was the only one who knew about her appetite, and (quite rightly) kept her away from the other people. But her mom died without explaining much of anything to her, and she's been on her own for a while now. And the only thing keeping her from going full-on chompy is the conscience she borrowed from her mother.

M'kay. There were SECRETS regarding her mother that I figured out fairly early on. I think they were supposed to be revelations. Alas, no...
Did that lessen my enjoyment of the story, you ask?
Were you skimming this review?! I mean, did you not read the first bits where I was all screaming, and fainting, and flailing around?!
Come on, people! Keep up!

 Again, it's the trip within Meda's mind that's the real draw to Cracked. The plot is almost a parody of all the other young adult books out there. I mean, it's not that it's uninteresting, it's just wouldn't be anything special without Meda pointing out all the inconsistencies and plot holes in her head.
In other words, Meda is AWESOME!
Ok, ok! I'm done!


Lee @shewolfreads said...

Totally agree with your review of this book. Meda is such a great character and I loved than this was not about a romance for her but rather about her journey. And I loved that friendship was such a central theme to her story too.

Anne Hannah said...

Yes! Loved the friendship! I've heard the second book isn't quite as good as this one, so I've been reluctant to read it. Kind of a chicken move, I guess.

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