Monday, April 20, 2015

[Coffee Shop Talks] - Do Bloggers Have Too Much Power?

Q: Do Bloggers have too much power? We've seen many bloggers and authors talking about this as of late. What is your take?

A: I think that bloggers have a bit of power, but only to an extent. Some of the well established, long running, influential bloggers do have some power. How many authors have become widely read because of Maryse? Or because of Aestas? New authors, and authors that are just reaching their audience, can be made by being featured on a big blog. Independent authors also rely on blogs to spread word of their new books. Bloggers like these have built a huge following and have integrity with their readers.

On the other hand, when it comes to mainstream authors, I don't think that blogs wield too much power. For example, I might be absolutely giddy to receive an ARC for a Jeanine Frost, Ilona Andrews or Patricia Briggs book, but is my opinion as a blogger going to make or break the book? Absolutely not. Why? Because established authors don't need blogs to drive their books' sales.

As a reader, I find that I follow bloggers that I know like the same types of books that I like. Bloggers that share the same interests as I do do have a certain power over which books I buy. If it wasn't for Aestas' review of Bad Romeo, I would have never bought it.

But let's face it - there are a million book blogs out there. They all have some readership and influence some people. Although blogs are obviously helpful to many authors, I think that some authors give too much credit to blogs and not enough to their writing.



kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

Absolutely agree! The majority of readers just browse bookstores, the don't read Amazon reviews, don't know about Goodreads or follow book blogs. It's only when you start narrowing down the genres you read you start seeking book blogs that share your taste in search of recommendations. I know almost no readers in real life who read book blogs. I think bloggers play bigger part in self_publishing than in mainstream publishing.

Kristie (J) said...

I've been blogging since 2006 and don't consider I have a lot of power as I'm just a little fish. The bigger blog on the other hand do have more power I think.
I do know I'm thrilled to pieces when I come across a blog where the blogger has read and enjoyed a book I've recommended.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

That's a tough question. I guess it might be in who your friends are too? If you have enough influential people together, they can make waves. But I don't think we are the all mighty either. And depends on the level of their career the author is at. But, again, I don't think we are all that powerful. We have some sway, but that's about it.

You put it together wonderfully.

Bea said...

Most book bloggers are small fish in an ocean. Collectively, we might have power but individually? Just the huge book blogs and even their influence is probably less than we think. We're loud and opinionated and wield only a modicum of power.

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