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Review: Tangled (Tangled #1) by Emma Chase

Release Date: August 2, 2013
Publisher: Gallery Books
Source: Purchased
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Drew Evans is a winner. Handsome and arrogant, he makes multimillion dollar business deals and seduces New York’s most beautiful women with just a smile. He has loyal friends and an indulgent family. So why has he been shuttered in his apartment for seven days, miserable and depressed?

He’ll tell you he has the flu.
But we all know that’s not really true.
Katherine Brooks is brilliant, beautiful and ambitious. She refuses to let anything - or anyone - derail her path to success. When Kate is hired as the new associate at Drew’s father’s investment banking firm, every aspect of the dashing playboy’s life is thrown into a tailspin. The professional competition she brings is unnerving, his attraction to her is distracting, his failure to entice her into his bed is exasperating.

Then, just when Drew is on the cusp of having everything he wants, his overblown confidence threatens to ruin it all. Will he be able untangle his feelings of lust and tenderness, frustration and fulfillment? Will he rise to the most important challenge of his life?

Can Drew Evans win at love?

Tangled is not your mother’s romance novel. It is an outrageous, passionate, witty narrative about a man who knows a lot about women…just not as much as he thinks he knows. As he tells his story, Drew learns the one thing he never wanted in life, is the only thing he can’t live without.

I laughed, and laughed, and laughed, and then I laughed some more. Sooooo good!
I have to say that I understand why some people found this book (Drew's voice in particular) offensive, rude, and obnoxious. He's a self-centered man-whore, and his inner thoughts are not even slightly redeeming. We first meet him while he's getting a BJ from a random redhead in a bathroom, and his immediate thoughts are only how quickly he can extract himself from her, and move on to the next good time. 
Because why in the world would he have sex with the same woman twice?
Hang on. Did she just say she had a twin? 
Aaaaand we're back in business! 
Is Drew honest, or is he just a horrible person? 
Maybe a little bit of both.
Thing is, I married a guy who sounds just like Drew. 14 years later, I'm used to that particular brand of honesty, so it cracked me up on several different levels. 
However, if you don't like leading men who aren't PC, then you'll want to steer clear of this one, because this guy is guaranteed to offend you.
I get it, I do. It's just that my husband has used the excuse 'because I'm not a giant vagina' to get out of doing so many things with me, that I'm desensitized to it.
At any rate, I loved Drew and Kate's story, and I can see myself coming back and revisiting this book over and over again.

This a typical romance in that Drew is unbelievably sexy, unbelievably rich, and unbelievably skilled with women.
I should be annoyed with his lack of Real-World issues, but this was funny enough that I managed to over look his...lack of flaws, I guess? Tangled is one of those stories that I just chalked up to complete fantasy, and decided not to let my sensible side squish the fun.

Mild Spoilers Ahead: 

Here's what I thought the author did right:
First, when Drew realizes he's in love, he doesn't run off and deny it. 
It doesn't make sense when they have characters do that, you know? If you're in love, you act the fool. You do the whole embarrassing PDA stuff, you talk about them until your friends want to strangle you, and you otherwise just act all goofy and stupid.
You don't run off. Not even relationship-shy dudes.
I think that's something certain people tell themselves when their love interest runs for the hills.
Oh, they're just scared of their feelings!
Ehhh. I think they just don't like you.
Maybe I'm wrong. I'm not.
Second, it takes Kate a reasonable amount of convincing to take Drew back at the end.
I know that some of you are probably thinking she took him back too soon, but let's face it, she was crazy about him. If you already want to believe someone, then it doesn't usually take much for them to convince you of something. 
She hung in there longer than I would have...

I'm not sure how I missed out on this little gem, but I'm sure glad I found it.
If you haven't read this one yet, you need to check it out!


Danielle Romero said...

I'll have to read this one. I actually have it on my bookshelf, an author friend sent it to me after last years RT but I haven't read it yet.

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