Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Early Review: Half the World (Shattered Sea #2) by Joe Abercrombie

Release Date: February 7, 2015
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Source: NetGalley
Author Links: Goodreads | Website

Sometimes a girl is touched by Mother War.
Thorn is such a girl. Desperate to avenge her dead father, she lives to fight. But she has been named a murderer by the very man who trained her to kill.
Sometimes a woman becomes a warrior.
She finds herself caught up in the schemes of Father Yarvi, Gettland’s deeply cunning minister. Crossing half the world to find allies against the ruthless High King, she learns harsh lessons of blood and deceit.
Sometimes a warrior becomes a weapon.
Beside her on the journey is Brand, a young warrior who hates to kill, a failure in his eyes and hers, but with one chance at redemption.
And weapons are made for one purpose.
Will Thorn forever be a pawn in the hands of the powerful, or can she carve her own path?

"I'm no warrior."
"Yes y'are."
"A warrior doesn't fear."
"A fool doesn't fear. A warrior stands in spite of his fear. You stood."
Brand plucked at his damp trousers. "I stood and pissed myself."
"You won't be the only one."
"The hero never pisses himself in the songs."
"Aye, well." Rulf gave his shoulder a parting squeeze, and stood.
"That's why those are songs, and this is life."

Yarvi & his crew are back, and just as awesome as ever.
Although, Half the World doesn't focus on Yarvi. Instead, while he's still a main character, the story isn't told from his point of view anymore. Having said that, Yarvi is pulling the strings of two new characters, Thorn and Brand.

Thorn is...well, she lives up to her prickly name. Brand, however, is more of a traditional hero. 
But the world Joe Abercrombie created doesn't really have truly traditional heroes, does it? 
That's the reason I love these books. The heroes are ugly, deformed, full of piss and vinegar, occasionally stupid, and always flawed. 
Beautifully flawed.

Just like the last book, the journey is hard and full of unexpected twists and turns. This time, it's Father Yarvi nudging people into place, like pieces on a giant chessboard. But even he can't foresee how and when everything will unfold. That doesn't stop him from trying, though.

By the end of this, I loved Brand and Thorn just as much as I (still) love Yarvi.
For those of you who enjoyed the breadcrumbs the last book dropped, you know, about whether or not this takes place in our distant future? Well, there are some pretty interesting descriptions that you'll want to read in this one!

I wasn't disappointed in the least by Half the World, and I think anyone who loved the first book will probably agree with me. This is a solid second installment and I'm looking forward to reading more about all of these characters.


Danielle Romero said...

I love that when I stop by, the books you review are often new to me!

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

I so need to get back to reading his books. I've been piled up with all the books I have to read that I don't get to the ones I want to finish series of or read. But these are on the shelves. :)

Anne Hannah said...

If you liked the first one, you'll definitely like this!

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