Sunday, January 4, 2015

[Coffee Shop Talks] Series I Want to Re-Read

I don't often re-read books because I'm always trying to catch up on ARCs and new releases. If I were to re-read any series this year, it would likely be Downside Ghosts, Cassandra Palmer, or Tairen Soul. Also, I would like to read Warbreaker again before the release of the sequel, Nightblood.

Which books or series will you be reading again? 



Traci Horton said...

I could go back to Downside again and again! I'm so behind on the Cassandra Palmer series that I should do a reread and then catch up.

Olivia-Savannah said...

Argh, there is Brandon Sanderson again, making me wonder why I haven't read anything of his again! I think if I could reread a book again it would have to be Gone by Michael Grant.

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fishgirl182 said...

I need to start the Stacia Kane series. I hear such good things about it. Happy reading!

fishgirl182 @ nite lite

Melanie Simmons (mlsimmons) said...

Great call with Downside. I'm going to have to do a relisten before the next book (I'm still hoping there will be a next book) comes out.

I want to do a relisten of The Hollows by Kim Harrison, its been only a few months and I'm already missing Rachel and the gang. I also wanted to do a relisten to Alpha & Omega by Patricia Briggs before Dead Heat comes out, but I don't think that will happen.

Danielle Romero said...

Great choices, I picked the Cassie Palmer series them! I still have not read anything by Stacia Kane though, I should probably get on that but i did FINALLY read Fortune's Pawn..yay me lol

Bookworm Brandee said...

I'd like to re-read KMM's Fever series. And I'd love to take the time to re-read the Cassie Palmer series - especially since I'm behind in it. Downside Ghosts, too!

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