Friday, November 14, 2014

Early Review: Otherworld Nights: An Anthology (Otherworld Stories #3) by Kelley Armstrong

Release Date: October 28, 2014
Publisher: Plume
Source: NetGalley
Author Links: Goodreads | Website | Twitter

This short story collection will include many brand-new tales and others only previously available on Kelley Armstrong's website. Most of the stories will feature the werewolves of the Otherworld, Elena and Clay, Jeremy, Karl and other members of the American Pack. These are some of Kelley Armstrong's best-loved and most enduring characters, from bestselling books such as Bitten, Stolen and Frostbitten.
1) Demonology - Adam's mother discovers what he is
2) Stalked - Clay/Elena honeymoon story from "My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon"
3) Hidden - SubPress 2012 Elena/Clay novella
4) Twilight - a Cass story from "Many Bloody Returns"
5) Chivalrous - Reese's backstory from SubPress's long sold-out "Tales of Dark Fantasy 2" (the Dec'14 SubPress graphic novella picks up this storyline)
6) Lucifer's Daughter - Hope/Karl story from "Blood Lite II: Overbite"
7) From Russia with Love - Elena bonus story included with hardcover of "Thirteen"
8) Vanishing Act - brand-new Savannah/Adam novella set after "Thirteen"

I have a dirty little secret.
I've never read past the 1st book in the Women of the Otherworld series.
I know! I know! How is this even possible?
I don't know. I liked Clay and Elena's story in Bitten, but I never went back for more. 
Anyway, I thought this anthology might whet my appetite. Maybe get me off my duff, and excited to read the rest of these wildly popular books?
Amazing plan, Anne!
*pats self on back*
So, did it work? Am I currently reading this series?
Well, nooooo. 
But I will! I promise!

Since the blurb does a good job explaining what/who each story is about, I'm not going to go through and review each one individually.
They're all pretty good, to be honest. In fact, if you've been keeping up with these books, then this might just be a 5 star anthology for you. Every story was well-written, and I was interested in what was happening to each of the characters in them.
The thing is, I think this book would have been soooo much more enjoyable if I had read more of the books. I mean, I had no idea who Adam, Reese, Hope, Karl, or Savannah was.
Or that Clay and Elena had twins!
Awwwww. Congrats, guys!
So there were a few times I felt lost, but that's not a problem I could dump onto the lap of the author. These are novellas for fans of her series, and it's not her fault I hadn't read enough of them to fully understand everything.

I guess my only 'real' complaint would be that I got a little annoyed with Elena's parenting style.
And, yes, I fully understand that I sound like a crazy person for even mentioning that.
But she worked my nerves, with her I'mSoWorriedThatWeAren'tDoingEverythingPerfectly that I just had to mention it.
I wanted to slap her, and then ground her sassy little brats.
Sorry, I know I'm weird...

Anyway, it's a great book. 
I love it when authors do the right things by their fans, and Armstrong is definitely giving her fans their money's worth. 


Talk Supe said...

Oooh big help for me Anne! I didn't even read the first book, just saw the series, bad acting an all LOL. I wanted to grab this too but I assumed it would be a waste since I haven't read the series

Anne Hannah said...

Oh I watched part of that series too! LOL! I think it's better to read the other books first, but this was good anyway.

Tabitha (Not Yet Read) said...

Don't feel bad for not continuing after the first book. I think most of her "first" books are a 3 star for me and it took me the second book before I got hooked. Same with her two YA series the first books were 3's then they get better. She's a slow builder I think. I look forward to reading this one!

Anne Hannah said...

Tabitha, I liked her YA (but that's more of my 'thing'), and I've heard so many great things about this series that I feel bad about stopping. LOL! I'll get to them!

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