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[Early Review] Last Light (Night Owl #2) by M. Pierce

Release date: October 28, 2014
Published by: St. Martin's Griffin
Source: NetGalley

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Matt Sky is missing. After a solo ascent of Longs Peak that left only a large blood stain, tatters of climbing clothing, and the tracks of an animal in the snow, he is presumed dead ...
Hannah Catalano is guarding a secret ...

Tensions rise, secrets grow bigger, and passions run deeper in the highly anticipated second book in the Night Owl Trilogy.

Outstanding.  Infuriating.  Sexy.  Secretive.  Insane.  Addictive.  Explosive.

These are all words that describe M. Pierce's latest installment in the (I would use "her" or "his," but I'm still wondering which gender M. Pierce is) Night Owl series, Last Light.  This book, people.  THIS BOOK.  This is an angsty, crazy ride through the psyche of Matt Sky and Hannah Catalano.  This is the meat of the Night Owl story.  Last Light is the continuation of Hannah's and Matt's affair that I can best describe at this point as a wrecking ball.  We learn more about Matt and his issues.  We gain intimate knowledge of Seth Sky.  And we find out that Nate Sky is the most loyal of brothers.  Hannah continues to amaze me with her strength and perseverance, yet like a satellite orbiting in space, she is always pulled back to Matt.

Matt is obsessed.  Totally and completely obsessed with Hannah.  We already knew about Matt's, um, issues from the last book.  In this book, Matt blew even me away!  He is a special kind of alpha male character - he's a control freak, hell bent on self destruction and darkness yet yearning for the light that will stop or at least control his brand of crazy.  And let me tell you - his crazy is on full display in this book.  Utterly, crazy.  Although there are some evident mental issues, Matt is uber sexy, vulnerable, thoughtful and caring.  You HAVE to love Matt Sky.  Matt is such a dynamically dark and flawed character, I  can't help but love him even more for his weaknesses.

Matt wants to disappear because of his new found notoriety, yet he goes about it in an insane way.  And the best part is that Hannah goes along with him.  Hannah is not the crazy character that Matt is.  She is a much more stable person, although she is just as much obsessed with Matt as he is with her, although she handles her feelings differently.  Hannah is loyal to a fault.  Ony wanting the best for Matt, she agrees to all of his plans and schemes, much to her own detriment.  Hannah is forced to deal with difficult situations because of Matt; her friendship with Seth Sky being the most potent.  

We already met Nate Sky previously, and he's back in this book.  He is his brother's keeper and will do anything for Matt.  Anything.  Seth Sky is the new Sky brother we get to meet.  Tall, sexy and a rock star, Seth develops an attraction to Hannah that causes friction.  We also meet a new character named Melanie that, let's be honest, I wanted to throttle.  Just strangle her around her little, red-headed neck.  But see, Matthew is the master of his game, and everyone has their own part, unbeknownst to the others.  Every character fits into the puzzle of Matt Sky.

I love the symbolism in this book.  Last Light, for me, is symbolic of Matt's sadness and his inability to get himself together.  Several times, Pierce makes mention of twilight being the saddest time of the day.  Matt Sky even refers to dusk as belonging to himself and Hannah.  Last Light could very well refer to Matt and Hannah, but also to the sadness and loneliness that envelopes them AT TIMES (Don't get sad - the entire book isn't morose) during this book.  

There is a lot of tension in this book.  There are a lot of lies and not-quite truths.  Doubts are raised, new feelings discovered and obstacles erected for Matt and Hannah to overcome.  Matt was infuriating throughout parts of this book.  There were so many times I was angry with him.  Hannah pissed me off once, too.  Hannah tends to make poor decisions when she feels she is played for a fool.  There were many angsty moments, especially in the last third of Last Light.

The ending of this book is a perfect lead-in to the next.  A few story lines are wrapped up, or so we think, and the story ended in a good place.  However, there is a cliff hanger.  Okay- more of a hill hanger (shout out to Tweeter Heidi Ho!) if you will.  It is not a major cliff, but we are left with a big question that needs an answer.  Not only is there a question, but for me, I am dying to find out what Hannah is thinking and how she came to her decision at the end.  These are such intriguing and complex character!  I seriously cannot get enough!

If you read and loved Night Owl, then you need to pre-order Last Light and get ready for another amazing ride into the world of Matt and Hannah.  If you are a fan of dark romances, crazy sex scenes, complicated characters with a helping of insanity on the side, then this is a series that cannot be missed.  Outside of all the characters and their stories, this is an amazingly well-written and plotted out book.  M. Pierce knows how to tell a good story, and I will be waiting in line for the third book in this trilogy, After Dark, due in March of 2015.


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