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Forever Evil by Geoff Johns

Release Date: September 9, 2104
Publisher: DC Comics
Source: NetGalley
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The Justice League is DEAD! And the villains shall INHERIT the Earth! In a flash of light, the world's most powerful heroes vanish as the Crime Syndicate arrives from Earth-3! As this evil version of the Justice League takes over the DC Universe, no one stands in the way of them and complete domination ... no one except for Lex Luthor.

By New York Times #1 best-selling creators Geoff Johns and David Finch, FOREVER EVIL is the first universe-wide crossover of The New 52. This hardcover graphic novel collects the FOREVER EVIL #1-7.

Collects FOREVER EVIL #1-7.

I've got a friend who claims you'd have to be a booger-eating, poo-flinging, Shallow Reader to actually enjoy Geoff Johns' latest offering.
Nay, I say!
Actually, I said 'nay' right after I ate my booger and threw some poop on he may have a point.
*shrugs, wipes hands on jeans*

This was F-U-N!
At the end of Trinity War, the Crime Syndicate (Earth-3 evil versions of the JL) pops up and overtakes the Justice League.
One big flash of light later, and the entire Justice League disappears! So, who's left to fight these guys?
Well, Lex Luthor, for one. In fact, he's pretty much the star of this show.
The entire story is one giant fight between our bad guys and their bad guys! And that means the real question is:
Are Earth's villains evil enough?!

I loved the tone of Forever Evil. It never stopped, never got dull, and you never knew what was going to happen next.
And, as an added bonus, there are going to be plenty of ripple effects left over from this event to keep things in the DC universe interesting for a long time to come. I'm especially excited to find out what's going to happen with the Nightwing storyline!

Now, don't get me wrong, not every member of the Justice League totally disappears for the entire book. And on the side of the true heroes, Batman and Catwoman stole the show.
Although, Catwoman might not be getting an invite to join the Justice League anytime soon, I still consider her on the side of the angels... Pbbbbt!
Also, between Grayson and Selena, you get to see a different side of Batman.
While the banter between Catwoman kept things light, the way he felt about Nightwing moved me. In most of the more recent titles I've read, it felt like Batman would always choose Save-The-World over Save-Your-Friend. It was logical, but cold. In this, I felt like Bruce would have let the world burn in order to get Grayson out of danger.
And, honestly, I loved it.

Why only 4 stars?
Truth time.
As my poo-covered friend so eloquently pointed out, there are holes.
Massive, glaring, idiotic...Plot Holes.
Now, as you know, I can overlook things like the moon being able to block out the sun...indefinitely. Because I don't particularly care that all that stuff rotates independently, thus making the placement of the moon in front of the sun, as a permanent solution to sunlight, fairly ridiculous.
And if that were the only 'hole', I would just scoff at my condescending friend for his haughty attitude toward a comic book.
Unfortunately...God, it's physically painful to say this. It's like there's a chunk of something stuck in my throat...He's *GAK* right.
There were too many unbelievable moments not admit that there were problems with this thing. Instead of coming up with a more logical reason to destroy shit, kidnap people, and keep powerful enemies alive, what you got was this:
Mwhahaha! Because we're EEEVIL, that's why! 
Ok. I admitted it. Happy now?!

But I'm not letting this review go out on a sour note!
On the whole, this was a massively fun romp that totally captivated my attention. No, it's not perfect, but if you're not someone with a giant stick stuck in your ass, you'll have a good time with Forever Evil.


fishgirl182 said...

I haven't read anything about this series yet but I like your attitude. I can overlook plot holes sometimes and just have fun reading something.

Anne Hannah said...

Thanks, Fishgirl! I can read anything, as long as it's entertaining. Some people need everything to line up and make sense, but authors can get away with a lot (with me) as long as I'm having fun!

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