Saturday, August 30, 2014

Audio Book Review: Disenchanted by Robert Kroese

Release Date: August 21, 2013
Published By: Brilliance Audio
Source: Amazon Kindle Unlimited
Author Links: Twitter | GoodReads

King Boric the Implacable knows death comes to all great warriors. He just didn't expect it to be so damn fickle. Felled by an assassin's blade, he should be spending eternity carousing in the Hall of Avandoor. Instead, his spirit is bound to his decaying body by the enchanted sword of Brakslaagt. And unless he can hunt down the mysterious Lord Brand, who gave him the weapon so long ago, he is cursed to wander the earth forever as an undead wraith. So begins Boric's extraordinary journey across the Six Kingdoms of Dis as a walking corpse who wants nothing more than to be disenchanted and left in peace. His is not an easy quest: along the way he is burned, riddled with arrows, and nearly blown to bits. But when he finally comes face-to-face with Lord Brand, Boric will discover that nothing - in life, in death, or in between - is exactly what it seems.

Disenchanted was such a fun, entertaining story that the 6+ hours just flew by. I loved the adventure, the characters, the dialogue, and the humorous moments often had me smiling or laughing out loud. 

Kroese's writing is clever and his pacing rarely leaves room for a dull moment. The tale is told solely from King Boric's point of view and shifts back and forth between the past and the present as he searches for a way to release his cursed sword while also trying to withstand the process of becoming a wraith. As an added bonus, delightful little footnotes are also scattered throughout the story. 

I really enjoyed the narrator, Phil Gigante. His female impersonations were less than impressive, but his accents and gruff voices were great. I was excited to see that he also narrates Kevin J. Anderson's Zombie PI series, so I'll have to move that higher up the "listen-to-soon" list.

If you're in the mood for a comical fantasy (and really, why wouldn't you be?), then I would recommend downloading Robert Kroese's Disenchanted


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