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Review: Supergirl, Vol. 3: Sanctuary by Mike Johnson

Release Date: February 18, 2014
Publisher: DC Comics
Source: Library Copy
Author Links: Goodreads

Completing the H'EL ON EARTH crossover event that had made its way through Superman, Superboy and finally Supergirl.
When a mysterious Kryptonian arrives on Earth and convinces Kara that he intends on returning them to Krypton, prior to its destruction, in an effort to save the planet. When presented with the opportunity to return home, the young and sometimes foolish Kara fails to see H'el's whole plan, a plan that will leave the Earth in ruins. Wonder Woman and The Flash must facedown Kara in an effort to make her see the truth and save Earth before it's too late!
Collects issues #13-20.

I'd already read most of this in the crossover comic Superman: H'el on Earth. Not only read it, but was fairly unimpressed by it.
So when I started reading this, and it turned out to be the Supergirl story that I'd already seen? 
Yeah. Not so much with the Happy.
Supergirl: Sanctuary. I mean, it doesn't have H'el anywhere in the title! And it's not like I'm smart enough to look at the back of a comic before I pick it up, you know?!

Ok, ok. I'm big enough to admit that maybe that little misunderstanding was partially a teeny bit my fault.
Sort of.
So Supergirl is still all depressed, because she's alone on a planet full of ruffians, and Clark isn't the baby she remembers. 
Then along comes (yet another) miraculous survivor of Krypton, who goes by the name H'el. Supposedly, he was Jor-El's assistant, who was sent off into space to try to find some way to save Krypton. He's been traveling the universe for...I don't know...a really long time. Somehow, he crashed on Earth.
Of course he did. Earth is a magnet for Kryptonians! If there's a random alien whose planet has been destroyed, you can bet your ass they'll somehow find their way here.
And speaking of Krypton and random aliens?
How many fucking survivors does this planet have?! 
Superman: The Last Survivor of Krypton!
Last survivor, my ass. Those fuckers are continually coming out of the woodwork. 
It should say, Superman: One of Many Survivors...With Probably More on the Way Right Now!
Anyhoo, now that he's here, H'el's got a plan. A plan to save Krypton from certain doom! It involves time-travel, and he needs Kara's help to pull it off.
M'kay. Superman's father, Jor-El, already KNEW that Krypton was going to go BOOM, and he STILL couldn't do anything to stop it. So, I'm not really sure what these two idiots were planning on doing with the time-travel scheme. Was there a plan beyond that? Did they have some new form of technology that they were going to tote with them that would, perhaps, to keep the planet from exploding?
Something smells fishy.
And it ain't Aquaman.
Now, obviously, with a name like H'el, he's definitely going to be the villain in the story. And once he gains Kara's trust (which isn't hard to do, because she's evidently very stupid), he enlists her help to get all the stuff together that they're gonna need to pull this off. They've almost got the machine up and running when the Justice League attacks them.
Ok. That might sound kinda random. And it is, if you've only read this book, so let me explain.
Remember what I said about this being a big crossover event that I'd already read? Well, turns out this doesn't make much sense on it's own. There are whole hunks of information that you're missing, like how Superman finds out about H'el's plan, how he recruits the Justice League, and what the hell Superboy is doing there. The answers are there, just not in this title.
Alright. BIG BATTLE time! Supergirl takes on the Flash and Wonder Woman, as both of them try to convince her that H'el is a psycho.
Lalalalalalalala! I'm. Not. Listening.
Finally, Wonder Woman is able to whip her ass hard enough to get her attention. And then it's all, Oh my God! What the hell is H'el doing?! 
Come knew that pun was coming.
Fight, fight, fight. Good guys win. The end.

So, don't read this for the lackluster H'el storyline. Read it for the issues that come after that. 
Read it for Powergirl! These issues were AWESOME!
For those of you who don't know, Powergirl is actually Supergirl from Earth 2. During a battle with Apokolips (that killed off their Justice League) she and Earth 2's Robin were sucked into a Boom Tube and ended up on our Earth. And they can't get home.
Robin was the daughter of Batman and Selena Kyle, and now goes by the name Huntress. Powergirl is several years older than our Earth's Supergirl, which explains why she has ginormous boobs, whilst our little Kara still has normal(ish) sized knockers. Cool backstory, no? 
You're right, it is. However, the actual comic for these two sorta sucks.
Now you're up to speed!
At any rate, Powergirl knows about Kara, but she's been actively avoiding her. It's simply too weird, and she's got other shit to do with Huntress. But because of her battle with H'el, Kara's got kryptonite poisoning, and somehow it's also affecting Powergirl. 
It's time for a Kara/Kara team-up!
The Sanctuary storyline was just about as good as they come. In fact, it was so flat-out funny that I ended up going back and reading it again! Good stuff!
Now go read it.


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