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What's with Noon's Missing Tooth? - Guest Post, Excerpt, & Giveaway with Jill Archer! #WHITEHEARTOFJUSTICE

Noon Onyx  | Book 3 
Genre: Fantasy  | Publisher: Ace 
Date of Publication: May 27, 2014 
Number of pages: 304 
Cover Artist: Jason Chan 

Since Lucifer claimed victory at Armageddon, demons, angels, and humans have coexisted in uneasy harmony. Those with waning magic are trained to maintain peace and order. But hostilities are never far from erupting…

After years of denying her abilities, Noon Onyx, the first woman in history to wield waning magic, has embraced her power. She’s won the right to compete in the prestigious Laurel Crown Race—an event that will not only earn her the respect of her peers but also, if she wins, the right to control her future.

However, Noon’s task is nearly impossible: retrieve the White Heart of Justice, a mythical sword that disappeared hundreds of years ago. The sword is rumored to be hidden in a dangerous region of Halja that she is unlikely to return from. But Noon’s life isn’t the only thing hanging in the balance. The sword holds an awesome power that, in the wrong hands, could reboot the apocalypse—and Noon is the only one who can prevent Armageddon from starting again…

ISBN-10: 0425257177 | ISBN-13: 978-0425257173  | ASIN: B00EOARZP0 

The idea to have my main character’s tooth knocked out in the opening scene of White Heart of Justice was concocted from three different ideas. The first was simply the fact that holes and missing things were a motif in the story. This was meant to echo the sense of loss that Noon was experiencing. The second was the Graeae. This trio of goddesses, monsters, or spirits (depending on your interpretation) share a single eye and a single tooth. What happened to Noon is oddly similar in a convex way – she is but one woman missing a single tooth – but the myth of the Graeae got me thinking about teeth and how some body parts might become symbolic of certain things. And finally, it just seemed like it was time for Noon’s beauty to become even more bloodied. Harsh? Maybe, but I also made her strong enough in this book to take it… and fight back.
Who’s heard of the Graeae?
For those of you who are unfamiliar with their tale, they are the three supernatural and scary-looking sisters that Perseus tricked in order to determine where Medusa was hiding so that he could slay her and use her head to stop the sacrifice of Andromeda to the sea monster (i.e. “the Kraken” for us Clash of the Titan fans).
Who’s heard of Noon Onyx?
For those of you who are unfamiliar with her tale, she is the ubernatural gap-toothed heroine from White Heart of Justice. Trickery isn’t in her wheelhouse but demon slaying is. For her weapon of choice, however, she prefers pyrokinesis to petrification and, instead of questing to win the heart of a girl, she’s journeying into the unknown to become mistress of her own destiny.
So what about you? If you could choose only one word to describe your ideal heroine, would it be interesting, relatable, or admirable? Do you like heroines who are drop dead gorgeous without a single physical flaw? Or do you like heroines with scars, wounds, and/or other evidence of being put through the story wringer by their diabolical creators?
Thank you to Addicted 2 Heroines for inviting me to guest blog today! Best wishes and happy reading, everyone!

Jill Archer writes dark, genre-bending fantasy from rural Maryland. Her novels include Dark Light of Day, Fiery Edge of Steel, and White Heart of Justice. She loves cats, coffee, books, movies, day tripping, and outdoor adventuring. 

I can’t be with you anymore. That’s what she’d said. Six words that had become sixty then six hundred then six thousand . . . sixty thousand . . . six million . . . reverberating in his head, bouncing around inside his brain, driving him absolutely mad. There were no other words. No other memories. Only that last one of her. Standing at the edge of the oozy stew of the destroyed keep’s moat, flanked by two Angels, one preternaturally beautiful, the other full of purpose. The same purpose he’d had until those six words stripped him of it.
Flying out, he’d barely cleared the wreckage of the keep. His heart beat against the walls of his massive chest, and his monstrous wings beat against the infinite, empty sky, but the beats were slow and grew slower still. Slower. Until finally . . .
He made it across the river and then dropped like a ten-ton stone, crashing into the brush, breaking tree limbs and a wing. He lay there amongst the blackening scrub refusing to shift back into human form.
Man’s thoughts were unwelcome.
In time, the rogares came. Water wraiths. He killed them all. And then sickened by the smell of blood and meat he couldn’t—wouldn’t—consume, he left his nesting place. By then, the wing had healed, but unnaturally, so that flying straight was impossible. For days, he traveled in circles, never getting far. It wasn’t just the wing. The yearning to return to her was nearly unbearable. The emptiness inside of him an abyss.
Was she still in the Shallows? If he could just . . .
But then he remembered the Angels. And the look on her face when she’d said the six words. And the feelings in her signature. She’d need more than mere weeks for them to abate. She might need months. Hopefully, not years. Years meant nothing to him, but they did to her. And then the reminder that her time was more precious than his drove his yearning to a new level of ferocity. Ruthlessly, he tamped it down. He realized then that it might be best to return to man’s thoughts. After all, she was a woman.
And he wanted her back. 

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Hello Addicted 2 Heroines! Hope everyone is having a great morning. Thank you for the guest blog invite. Will stop in later to check for any cmts or questions. Until then, happy Wednesday and best wishes!

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I love finding new great reads/authors! Thanks for the giveaway, can't wait to read some of your work!

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Melissa--so glad to hear you liked the cover and blurb. That's wonderful. Hope you enjoy the books!


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