Friday, June 13, 2014

Early Review: Contact by Laurisa White Reyes

Release Date: June 23, 2014
Publisher: Hallowed Ink Press
Source: NetGalley
Author Links: Goodreads | Website | Twitter

It takes only half a second…
…Like those commercials where a crash test dummy rockets forward at high speed and slams into a wall.
…In that instant, every thought in Emma Lynn Walsh’s head collides with mine—every thought, memory, hope, disappointment and dream.
…I open my eyes to see Dr. Walsh peering at me, a puzzled expression on her face.
“Let—go—of—me,” I order though clenched teeth.
Mira wants to die. She’s attempted suicide twice already, and failed. Every time she comes in contact with another person, skin to skin, that person’s psyche uploads into hers. While her psychologist considers this a gift, for Mira, it’s a curse from which she cannot escape.
To make matters worse, Mira’s father is being investigated in the deaths of several volunteer test subjects of a miracle drug. Shortly after Mira’s mother starts asking questions, she ends up in a coma. Although her father claims it was an accident, thanks to her “condition” Mira knows the truth…but proving it just might get her killed!

Contact was a fun young adult book. It didn't blow me out of the water, but it kept me interested enough to keep flipping the pages.

As the title implies, whenever Mira touches anyone, she gets their whole life history downloaded into her mind. It's a fairly new phenomenon, she's pretty freaked out, and she's already attempted suicide twice when the book opens.
Full Disclosure Time:
I had just finished a story about a girl with powers who felt driven to kill herself before I started this one. I'm not sure if it impacted my enjoyment of this one, but I thought it deserved mentioning. 

The main story revolves around Mira and her love interest Scooby-Dooing it around town trying to figure out why Mira has this power. When her mother falls into a fishy diabetic coma after a party, the plot only thickens.

And as the two of them dig into her past, they find out that nothing is what it seems...

There's really not a whole lot to either complain or rave about with Contact. It was one of those books that I couldn't put down while I was reading it, but a few days later..I couldn't recall much about it.

I have to say, I wasn't all that convinced that it was realistic when it came to Mira's reaction to what happened to her mother, but I can't say much else without spoiling the story. Otherwise, this was a decent page-turner.


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