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Review, Excerpt, & Giveaway - Renegade (MILA 2.0) by Debra Driza!

MILA 2.0 #2 | Debra Driza | Katherine Tegen Books | May 13th 2014

There is no one left for Mila to trust. Except for a boy she barely knows.

But Hunter has no idea who—and what—Mila really is. She can’t bear to reveal her secret, even though he’s unwittingly joined her search for Richard Grady, a man who may know more details of Mila’s complicated past.

Yet the road to the truth is more dangerous than ever. With General Holland and the Vita Obscura scouring the earth for her whereabouts, Mila must rely on her newfound android abilities to protect herself and Hunter from imminent harm. Still, embracing her identity as a machine leads her to question the state of her humanity—as well as Hunter’s real motives.

Perfect for fans of I Am Number Four and Divergent, this action-packed and heart-wrenching second installment of MILA 2.0 will leave readers breathlessly awaiting the series conclusion.


Poor Mila. Will she ever catch a break? In the debut she had her life turned upside down. Her perspective and outlook on everything she thought she knew was forced to change. She experienced devastating loss, the sting of betrayal, and was left with a lot of doubts and confusion. Unfortunately, her life doesn't improve much in the sequel. 

In Renegade, Mila is on the run. She's unsure of who she can turn to for answers and feeling like no one can be trusted. Desperate for information, she attempts to investigate a clue left by her mother. Luckily, she doesn't have to do it alone because the faithful Hunter is by her side.

Mila and Hunter's relationship was a very large part of the story. She does quite a bit of pining over the kind, gentle, attentive boy who is eager to do anything to help her. But throughout the story her feelings for him are constantly wavering back and forth because she's concerned that his intentions may not be as genuine and honest as they appear. I'm not going to lie, I felt really bad for this guy. He goes through so much, too much really, for a girl he doesn't really know. And not knowing her isn't even his fault because Mila is never truthful with him. After all of the lies and the danger she places him in, he still can't stay away.

I'm glad that Mila was finally able to receive some answers about her life and her origins. She deserved it. Her search for these answers may have come with a greater cost than she expected. We're left with a cliff hanger and will have to wait patiently for the next release to find out more.

Although this story is filled with angst and heartache, I enjoyed taking this journey with Mila and learning more about her newly discovered talents and showing us just what an android superspy is capable of. I'll admit that I wouldn't be excited to be in her position and I understand why she is so upset about her circumstances, but I think we can all agree that there is reason to be envious of Mila. Her high-tech android abilities are exceptionally badass.    ~Cat

I followed Hunter to the front door, waiting inside while he trotted out to the car and returned shortly with our bags. I made a move to rejoin Ashleigh but his hand on my elbow made me pause. "I'm sorry you didn't find what you were looking for," he whispered, his eyes a little bloodshot from lack of sleep.
"It's okay," I said, taking his hand in mine.
"There's always tomorrow, right?"
I wasn't prepared for the sudden stab of pain in my chest, right in the vicinity of my pseudo heart. The last day or two, I'd been swept up in the way Hunter made me laugh or how he looked at me. But it was his hopefulness that kept me going. When I sent him away, he'd take tomorrow with him . . . and honestly, I was afraid of what would be left behind.

I'm the author of the MILA 2.0 series and the owner of the messiest purse on the planet, aka: the black hole of doom. I think bow ties are cool and when I grow up, I want to be Veronica Mars. I rarely check my account at Goodreads, so if you need to get in touch with me, try twitter or Debra at debradriza.com.

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