Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Early Review: Hexed (The Witch Hunter #1) by Michelle Krys

Release Date: June 10, 2014
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Source: NetGalley
Author Links: Website | Twitter | Goodreads

If high school is all about social status, Indigo Blackwood has it made. Sure, her quirky mom owns an occult shop, and a nerd just won’t stop trying to be her friend, but Indie is a popular cheerleader with a football-star boyfriend and a social circle powerful enough to ruin everyone at school. Who wouldn’t want to be her?
Then a guy dies right before her eyes. And the dusty old family Bible her mom is freakishly possessive of is stolen. But it’s when a frustratingly sexy stranger named Bishop enters Indie’s world that she learns her destiny involves a lot more than pom-poms and parties. If she doesn’t get the Bible back, every witch on the planet will die. And that’s seriously bad news for Indie, because according to Bishop, she’s a witch too.
Suddenly forced into a centuries-old war between witches and sorcerers, Indie’s about to uncover the many dark truths about her life—and a future unlike any she ever imagined on top of the cheer pyramid.

I've been searching for a book centering on witches for a while now, but nothing ever really clicked with me. Until Hexed.
But hear me out before you run out and buy this one, because some of the things I absolutely loved about this sucker, might be the very same things that turn you off.

First, Indigo is not a heroine that you would normally cheer for. She's shallow, but not self-absorbed enough that she doesn't realize it. And not shallow in a cutesy way like Buffy, either. She's not worried that her hair is messed up, she's worried that bringing a nerd to a party will be the social death of her. In fact, it would have made more sense for the author to make Paige (the above mentioned nerd) the heroine. Paige is smart, kind, and bookish. And let's face it, most readers tend to gravitate toward a character they can relate to.
Although, smart and kind are sort of a toss-up for me...
Personally, I loved that Ms. Krys didn't go the easy route, and give us yet another cookie-cutter heroine that we all feel comfortable with. I mean, you've got to work at it to like Indigo, especially in the beginning of the book. She changes over the course of the book, but it happens slowly...just like it should. There is no huge moment when she realizes the error of ways, and then totally transforms. Even when she initially starts taking baby steps toward shedding her old ways, there is still a part of her that is mortified.

At a pivotal point in the book there's a death that rocks Indigo's world. In the middle of all of this, her relationship with Bishop is starting to morph into something more, as well. And I can hear the naysayers squeaking that 'at a time like that' Indigo would not be interested in pursuing a relationship.
Bzzzt. Wrong!
Having gone through the same person dying...at the same age as Indigo...I can most assuredly tell you that the things going through her head were written in a realistic light. Been there. Done that. Minus the magic.

Beyond the main characters, the secondary characters were thoroughly enjoyable. The bad guys were bad, and the good guys were...sort of bad too. In fact, there were lots of ambiguous individuals in the book.
I'm also awarding bonus points for there being no insta-love in the book. Or for that matter, even insta-attraction, because it takes Indigo a while to start thinking of Bishop as a datable guy. I liked being able to take a break from the magical soulmates theme that tends to run through a lot of the paranormal stuff I read.

The magic itself was big and fun. Lots of spells flying around, and, for that matter, lots of flying in general. So if you prefer a more subtle brand of witchcraft, you may not be in love with Hexed.
I like the Harry Potter stuff.
Go big or go home!
I typically get bored with witches who have to sit around chanting and making potions... in order to get a seed to grow.
Zap that shit with your wand or something! Hell, Miracle Grow works just as fast as the lame spell you're using...
But that's just me. A lot of people prefer a more subdued approach.

Why, yes. Yes, there is.
Nicely done, I might add. The story is wrapping up, everyone is smiling and in love, and I keep thinking that the author is forgetting about something. It wasn't a HUGE thing...but I was still annoyed that it wasn't being addressed.
I mean, don't you just hate it when there's that teeny little thread that gets left out of the conclusion? Hey, whatever happened to so-n-so or such-n-such, you know?
So I guess the author didn't forget after all.


Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Ooo. This is a whole new series and author to me. And the book sounds amazing. I've not read witches in a while. Will have to be one to check out. :) Thank you!

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