Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Review: Green Lantern, Vol. 4: Dark Days by Robert Venditti (Author), Billy Tan (Illustrations)

Release Date: April 29, 2014
Publisher: DC Comics
Source: NetGalley
Author Links: Goodreads | Twitter | Website

Just as Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Guy Gardner are putting back together the Green Lantern Corps, lights across all of the different colored Corps begin to flicker. Lanterns from all over the universe begin to lose power, but unlike times' past, the reasons for the outage don't seem to be in-fighting between one another. Allying with enemies and friends alike, Hal links the answers to the mysterious alien Relic and their confrontations will leave all the corps forever changed.

GREEN LANTERN VOL. 4: LIGHTS OUT begins a brand new era for the entire emotional spectrum, from writer Robert Venditti (X-O Manowar) and artist Billy Tan (New Avengers).

I'd like to give this more than 3 stars, but I just can't.  In fact, 3 stars feels really generous.
However, it wasn't all  bad. The art was beautiful in some of the panels, and even when it wasn't stunning, it was never awful. Also, I liked the new Guardians. Their personalities added some much needed freshness to the story.

So, at first the Lanterns just think their power battery is acting up, but after being invaded by an entity call Relic, they learn that it's much worse. The universe that existed before this one was destroyed because their version of Lanterns sucked up all the resources.
Lightweilders..Lightsabers..something like that.
Relic explains (in between punching and blowing things up) that he is the sole survivor of the old universe. He was a scientist who tried to tell the...Lightsmiths!...that's it, Lightsmiths. Anyway he tried to tell them that the emotional spectrum wasn't an infinite resource (cue the Reduce Reuse Recycle! commercial), but they wouldn't listen. So the universe collapsed in on universes so often do.
The point is, every time any of the Lanterns use their ring they are draining the universe of it's life energy.
Hey, wait. Didn't they already do this plot? I think it went along the lines of Flash was ripping apart the fabric of the universe every time he used the Speed Force, right?
Hmmm. Well, since they're such good friends, maybe Barry can give Hal a call and help him sort it out. You know, since he's already been through this sort of thing.
*Insert Lots of Battle Scenes Here*
Turn the page.
John's dead!
Huh? When did that happen?
Turn the page.
John's fighting beside everyone in (yet another) Big Battle!
Guy is so excited to see his BFF alive! So John slugs him for becoming the leader of the Red Lanterns.
*Insert MORE Battle Scenes*
Kyle makes...the ultimate sacrifice.
Turn the page.
Oops! Kidding! Here comes Kyle popping outta the void!
Shhhhh. We gotta keep that a secret from the rest of the corps! He's on a classified mission. Evidently for another DC Lantern title. Cause there's no such thing as too many Lantern titles in DC!

It eventually ends with Hal turning into a douche. He's going to Police the Universe and make sure nobody uses up the finite light/emotional Spectrum. Of course, to do that he'll be using up the Spectrum.

Ok. There must be some other titles or something that I'm missing, because there were a whole lotta WTF? moments for me in this. I mean, I read the previous volume. Where the hell did some of this stuff come from?
When did Guy become the leader of the Red Lanterns?
And is Carol in love with Kyle?
Maybe if she's thrown Hal over for John, I could get behind it a little more...but Kyle? Give me a break. His mask alone is dorky enough to send any woman screaming in the other direction.
Although, $20 says that Hal misinterpreted her LURVE for him, and she probably just thinks of him like a brother or something.

Anyway, this volume seemed really looooong and drawn out for some reason. Like nobody could figure out a good stopping place for the story.
So on one hand, you're definitely getting your money's worth.
But one the other, it's mostly nonsensical filler.


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