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Review: Aquaman, Vol. 3: Throne of Atlantis by Geoff Johns, Paul Pelletier (Illustrations), Ivan Reis (Illustrations)

Release Date: November 19, 2013
Publisher: DC Comics
Source: Purchased
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Aquaman, who long ago lost contact with his people, must watch as armies emerge from the sea to attack the surface world. The Justice League answers the call to defend the shores from the invading Atlantean horde. But whose side is Aquaman on? With his brother Orm at the head of the undersea army, will Aquaman stand with his Earth-bound superteam? Or his own people? Find out in this exciting hardcover collecting AQUAMAN #0 and 14-16 and JUSTICE LEAGUE #15-17.

Why in the world aren't more people reading this title?!
Throne of Atlantis is a really strong volume for the Aquaman title.
Ok, ok...
Maybe the story fell off a little during Aquaman, Vol. 2: The Others.
I still thought it was pretty good, dammit!
But volume 3 is exceptional!

In this one we meet Arthur's brother, Orm, and we get a bit of backstory on their relationship.
His character is a bit morally ambiguous, and by the end you're left wondering what side of the Good Guy/Bad Guy fence he's going to end up falling on.
We also meet Arthur's mentor, who plays a surprising role in the drama that's about to unfold.

The plot goes something like this:
A naval ship's missile goes rogue (for no apparent reason), and detonates underwater. At first, it's not terribly worrying, because there's supposedly nothing charted around the area where the missile was headed.
Unfortunately, it hit Atlantis.
Orm (now the Atlantean king) attacks the surface world in retaliation, and Arthur is forced to choose sides.
Lots of great battle scenes in this one, folks!

Atlantis' army and technology is more than expected, which necessitates putting out the call to an assload of superhumans for support. So we kind of have the beginnings of the Justice League opening up the doors to new members.
Fun Fact:
For once, Hawkman makes an appearance without killing a story!

Of course, someone must have been responsible for the initial attack on Atlantis, so there's a nice little Whodunnit playing out in the background of the battles.
Oh, and those monsters from the Trench play a role in the story, too. Nice to know reading volume 2 wasn't a waste.

Mera is still such a kick-ass character, and while she's being portrayed in a great light, I'd still love to see her get more page time. Mayer her own title?
Hint, hint...

Highly recommended!


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