Monday, April 21, 2014

Early Review: The Dark World (Dark World #1) by Cara Lynn Shultz

Release Date: May 27, 2014
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Source: NetGalley
Author Links: Twitter | Goodreads | Website

Paige Kelly is used to weird--in fact, she probably corners the market on weird, considering that her best friend, Dottie, has been dead since the 1950s. But when a fire demon attacks Paige in detention, she has to admit that things have gotten out of her league. Luckily, the cute new boy in school, Logan Bradley, is a practiced demon slayer-and he isn't fazed by Paige's propensity to chat with the dead. Suddenly, Paige is smack in the middle of a centuries-old battle between warlocks and demons, learning to fight with a magic sword so that she can defend herself. And if she makes one wrong move, she'll be pulled into the Dark World, an alternate version of our world that's overrun by demons-and she might never make it home.

This was a weird one.
At times, I would really be into it, flipping the pages all excited-like...and then all of a sudden POOF! 
All of my previous interest was just gone.
At first I couldn't really figure it out, but after a while, I noticed my zone-outs seemed to be correlating with the two main characters getting all sappy with each other.
Seperately, they're both very cool. Together, they're the perfect recipe for Boringsauce. I've been trying to put my finger on why I felt that way for days now, but I'm still not 100% sure. Something just felt off.
My best guess is that the romance felt too young and silly for me.
Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, because it's a young adult title. And I'm a crusty old chick.
So that probably means that the target audience will enjoy the angsty teen bits. 'Cause they're, you know, angsty teens.

The premise of the story isn't supah new, but I thought it was cool anyway. The basic idea is that there's a world that mirrors ours, except that it's Eeeevil. Well, sort of. It's been taken over by demons, and the warlocks on this side of the fence want to go back and reclaim their throne. But for now, it's all brimstoney and crumbling. It was never really explained, but I'm just assuming the general idea is that once the warlocks take control of it again, it won't smell like sulfur or be all flamey. Otherwise, I can't imagine why they'd want to go back.

Paige is like that kid who can See Dead People. She pushed a little boy out of the way of an oncoming bus, got smooshed, and died for a few minutes before being revived.
When she woke up, Ta-da!, she had the world's most ostracizing superpower. She can't always tell the difference between the living and the dead, so she ends up looking like a mental patient when she strikes up a conversation with (what everyone else assumes is) a wall.
So. Yeah. Not popular with her peers.

Logan is...
Ok. I can't say much of anything about him without giving away spoilers. But I liked him. He's not an ass, and he had a really good backstory. Unfortunately for you, you don't find out what it is till the end of the book. Sorry.

Even though I wasn't blown away by it, I'm still interested enough to want to read the next book, so I think this will probably do well with the YA audience.


LilyElement said...

I was wondering how this one would be, I think I'll have the same issue with the angsty teen bit though. Great review.


Thanks! I think I need at least one of the main characters to be a little shady/snarky/quasi-evil? Something. Two rights make a wrong, you know?

BookaholicCat said...

I have heard mixed things about this book. I like the cover and the blurb sounds good, but after reading your review I think there is a high probability I'll have the same problems that you did.


Yeah, there was 'something' missing. The fundamental idea was there, but... ?

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