Monday, April 21, 2014

[Coffee Shop Talks] Book Conventions

Book conventions -
Have you been to any before or heading to any this year? 

The only convention I've been to is Comic-Con in San Diego and that was several years ago. We didn't really have it on our schedule to meet any authors at the time. We waited in line for the actors and comic book artists. Charlaine Harris was there that year and I believe either Kim Harrison or Patricia Briggs made an appearance also. If I had went by myself I probably wouldn't have minded waiting in their ridiculously long lines, but I had someone with me who isn't as author crazy as I am.

I did get to meet Adrian Phoenix. I didn't know it was her I was talking to at the time...not until she signed my book. 

I would love to attend Authors After Dark this year or meet Darynda Jones & Delilah Dawson at the RT convention, but for now I'll just have to enjoy looking at the pics my blogger buddies post =)



Pabkins said...

oh no was my comment eaten! you'll have to let me was so long !

miki said...

sdome author are coming to europe this year so i'm terribly tempted to attend but i need to check the rule first ( we can't often come with our own books and last time it was only one signing per person... so lot of way, money for nothing or nearly ( 2author but since it was only one signing you had to choose)

Traci Horton said...

I think ComicCon would be a lot of fun, but do agree it's all about who you go with. I'm meeting fellow book fiends (friends) and bloggers at RT so I'll feel a lot better about fangirling my favorites. But if I was going with my husband (who is not into books at all) I would be a lot more subdued. I'll take lots of pics for you :)

fishgirl182 said...

I love conventions like Comic-Con and WonderCon. But I didn't really think of them as traditional book conventions. It's only been in the last few years that SDCC has really gotten a lot of big publishers and authors there. Yes, there were definitely sci-fi and fantasy authors and comic book artists and writers, of course, but I did not start noticing the traditional publishers until pretty recently. And there is so much other pop culture at SDCC now as well. But I love it all and love discovering new artists and books while wandering the floor. I've been to ALA once and would love to go to BEA someday. My holy grail right now is probably RT. I really, really want to go one year. I may make it happen in the next couple of years. And Los Angeles also has the Festival of Books, which is really fun.

And it's definitely good to have crazy, bookish friends to go with. That way you can tag team lines and make the most of your time.

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