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Review: Wonder Woman, Vol. 3: Iron by Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang (Illustrations)

Release Date: September 11, 2013
Publisher: DC Comics
Source: Purchased
Author Links: Goodreads

In these stories from issues #0 and #13-18, a terrible betrayal forces Wonder Woman to make a deal with the gods who want her dead, and her “family” grows larger than she could have imagined. Will the mysterious Orion help Wonder Woman rescue Zola’s baby from the clutches of Hermes, or does he have darker intentions?

I'm not ready to take back all of the ugly things I said about Volume 1, because I'm still disappointed in DC's reboot of Wonder Woman.
But this volume is pretty decent.
Now, I still hate the art, and I still hate the way quite a few of the gods are drawn. Poseidon is the worst offender, in my opinion, because he looks like a cross between an octopus and a frog.
My best guess is that they didn't want any confusion between him and Aquaman.
And in that regard?
Well, I'd say they achieved their goal.

Ok. Iron starts with a flashback.
*insert wavy/blurry lines here*
Thirteen year old Diana meets up with War, and he decides to take her under his wing and secretly train her to fight like a boss.
Well, he thinks she may the 'The One' to do...something.
Anyway, it's not important right now.
What is important is that he and Diana eventually have a falling out over killing a minotaur. Or more specifically, her unwillingness to kill the minotaur while he was unconscious.
And....End Flashback!

Present day Wonder Woman is still trying to find the magical baby. Or at least find Hermes, who betrayed them in the last volume, and took the baby. She's also trying to deal with Hera and Zola going for each other's throats every five minutes.
In case you don't know, Zola is the baby's mother. Zeus (now dead) is the baby's father. According to a prophecy, Magic Baby is potentially the kid who will bring about the end the world, or something like that.
Wonder Woman runs around trying to find some of her other half-siblings, believing they can help her find Hermes. The freaky sand chick with the skeleton arms was awesome!

Cassandra helps dig a scary demi-god, who calls himself First Born, out of the ice.
You can tell he's going to be a problem right off the bat, because he eats the first rescuer he sees...
Before he can gobble up anyone else, Frogtopus pops up out of the water and swallows First Born.
Well, they both monologued  for a bit before Poseidon slurped him up.
Somehow, I doubt that's gonna stick.   

Enter Orion and the New Gods.

Orion has been sent on a mission by his father to destroy Magic Baby, before he can do whatever it is that he's supposed to do.
Naturally, Wonder Woman kicks his ass, and they become fast friends.
Sort of.
In the meantime, Hera and Zola go bar-hopping, and run into a few of Hera's kids. Including War.
Have I mentioned that even Hera's kids hate her?
Diana, Lennox, and Orion have a freak-out moment when they realize that those two are missing. Fortunately, Orion is able to track them to the bar before anything interesting can happen.
Zola, determined to show how stupid she is, attempts to stab War.
I still think Zola is possibly the worst new character...ever. All she needs is a trucker hat, a Coors Light, and one black tooth to complete the white trash image that oozes off the panel at you. 
I guess her heart was in the right place, because she was under the impression that he was going to try to hurt Diana.
Of course, he wasn't. Zola's just a redneck idiot.
On the upside, War agrees to help Diana find the baby.
Well, I'm not going to tell you...


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