Sunday, March 2, 2014

[Coffee Shop Talks] Trends I'd Like to See More or Less Of

One trend that I am really enjoying is the exploration of dark elements in many stories. I'll admit it, I absolutely enjoyed books like Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You. They were hot. They were sexy. But they lacked something. They focused on the same idea - rich guy, innocent young girl, crazy sexual chemistry, damaged characters, etc. Then I read a little book by Pepper Winters that killed me. Tears of Tess explored interesting, dark and scary subject matter that I had never read about and I was fascinated. More and more authors, especially Indie authors, are gravitating towards darker subject matter. This is a trend that I love. Why? Am I some sick and twisted reader? No. So many books follow a cookie cutter pattern. It's the books dealing with sexual slavery, mental illness and psychopathic characters that are interesting to me. I feel like these subjects make a book feel fresh - and they give me a break from all the books out there that have similar plot lines.

One trend that I don't like is the "no plot New Adult" trend. I will be the first to shout from the mountain tops that I love New Adult genre books. There are so many that are well written and fun and sexy. Then there are the others. The dime-a-dozen others that are poorly written. That have no reasonable plot to speak of. That focus on smutty and oftentimes not very sexy physical scenes. I want more substance in my books. I want to love the characters. I want to feel their pain. I want to root for them. I want them to have a story that makes sense. I don't want trashy sex, bad language for effect, and no soul.  

So what about you? Are there any trends that you'd like to see more or less of?



Traci @ Mad Hatter Reads said...

I enjoy occasionally reading the darker books...especially if I've been on a trend of formulaic happy-happy books. I don't want to read them all the time, but they have so much depth and can be so thought provoking.

Keep-Calm Read-Romance said...

I totally agree with you when it comes to new adult. I'm finding it harder to find REALLY good new adult reads. It just seems like everyone is recycleing the same old plots. I still am enjoying a lot of them but it's just becoming so predictable.

One trend that I've been seeing popping as of lately, is serials. I'm still on the fence about how I feel about serials. I have read some in the past, and enjoyed them. I'm just not happy about paying $3.99 for a 100-130 pages and have to buy 3 or more parts to get the complete story. For a 4 part serial at 3.99 each, that's over $15! Call me cheap, but I'm just down with that.

Great post ladies!

Bregje said...

I've been holding off on the new adult books exactly because I feel like most of them don't seem to have a plot. I know there are probably some good ones out there, but I just haven't found one that I thought sounded very good.

Jamie said...

I TOTALLY agree about the serials. I'm not sure if I'm okay with that yet ;-)

Thanks, ladies!

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