Sunday, March 9, 2014

[Coffee Shop Talks] Inspirational Characters

It's no secret that I love tough chicks in dystopia-style novels who have kick ass survival skills. They live in shitty worlds, they have shitty lives, and they decide to make the most out of their shitty situations. They could whine and complain or choose to rely on others for their survival, but these characters allow devastating circumstances to make them stronger, better people. That's why the following make my list of inspirational characters.


Are there any characters that you find inspirational?



Nette Silveira said...

You can't go wrong with Catniss! Any female heroine in a dystopic novel -if not already a bad-ass-definitely ends up one ;-)
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Danielle Romero said...

KATNISS!!! How did I not think of her! She totally inspires! Great choices love

fishgirl182 said...

The only one I've read is The Hunger Games. I admit though that Katniss got on my nerves a lot esp in the second book. I thought she was kind of whiny and took a long time to really step up. But that's just my opinion and I think it's the minority.

Bregje said...

I definitely agree on Katniss. I don't know the other ones, I haven't read those books yet. One of my most inspirational characters might be Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy. When there is a problem she is the one to take action. She also is very funny and witty and is an amazing friend to her best friend Lissa.

Traci Horton said...

Heaven save us from the whiny, shrinking violet heroines! Your picks are definitely strong, take-charge ladies :)

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