Sunday, January 5, 2014

[Coffee Shop Talks] My Bookish Resolutions - What Goals Have You Made For 2014?


The majority of titles that I've read in the past few years have been in the fantasy & paranormal romance genres. Lately, I've been reading more sci-fi and I absolutely love it. It's a refreshing change of pace without being too far outside of my comfort zone. I've already found a handful of sci-fi authors to follow and I'm looking forward to finding more.


I had less time for reading this past year. Circumstances changed with work and I began volunteering at our local humane society when I wasn't working or spending time with the kids. Then I began fostering for a local rescue, which included bottle feeding orphaned kittens. It's very, very time consuming with feedings every 2-3 hours...even in the middle of the night. And when I did have time to read I was so physically and mentally exhausted that I couldn't concentrate. So audiobooks were a great solution for me. I can listen to a book on the ride to work, I can listen while I'm bottle feeding the kittens, I can listen while I'm cleaning. It's wonderful. Anyone who says they can't get into audiobooks just hasn't found the right story and narrator. 


In 2013, I only read 12 graphic novels and less than 5 single issues. I had too many review books to read and less time for leisurely reading so I'm behind on a lot of comic series that I've been wanting to get to. I plan on requesting less review books this year (we'll see how that goes) so I should have a little more time to fit them in.

Here is the fifth group of kittens rescued - 
One of the reasons I have less time for reading.



Britta Kirk said...

I've always wanted to get into my comic/graphic novels. I've never been able to find the one that makes my mind explode, but hopefully this year, I'll find one. I've also never found the right narrator for audiobooks.

Keep up the beautiful work with rescuing those adorable kittens! Very inspirational!



My best friend is hooked on audio books, but I had two bad experiences in a row and then gave up. I think I need to try again, 'cause it sounds like you're having lots of luck in that department. I also missed a lot of comic books from Marvel last year, so I'm hoping to catch up on those in 2014. I'm officially inspired by your list, Cat!

Traci @ Mad Hatter Reads said...

I've been listening to audiobooks for the last few weeks and have really enjoyed them. But what a fabulous reason why you're listening to more. I thinks it's wonderful that you've been volunteering and fostering animals Cat. And those kittens are just so cute! Give them a cuddle for me :)

Carmel @ Rabid Reads said...

I'm trying to up my audiobook intake too; now that I'm working as a virtual assistant I spend so much time in front of the computer so it's a great way to give my eyes a break. I love my eReader but starting at screens all day takes its toll.

Danielle Romero said...

I love your read less/listen more resolution! I've actually still to this day never listened to an audiobook...I think I need to get on that lol

Jennifer TheBookNympho said...

No buying new books/audio books (unless I use gift cards that I win or receive) so that I will read books/ebook/audio books I already own. Use the library to supplement my personal library.

The Literary Darling said...

I have recently tried to get in to audiobooks...but I have found that I am VERY picky about the narrator. I just haven't found a book that I could make it all the way through. I hate when the actor does different a women reader deepening her just gets on my nerves...i'm gonna keep at it though!

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