Saturday, December 7, 2013

Review: A Grimm Legacy by Janna Jennings

Release Date: October 29, 2013
Publisher: Patchwork Press
Source: NetGalley
Author Links: Goodreads | Twitter | Website

Enchanted castles and charming princes thought to exist only in stories come to life in this classically twisted fairy tale that combines the timeless quality of generations old folktales with the challenges of the modern world.
The woods of Elorium appear ordinary to Andi Grace, until birds start talking and elves answer doors. Along with three others, Andi has been whisked out of her world and finds herself the reluctant guest of the perplexing millionaire, Mr. Jackson—a stranger willing to help get them home, but who’s keeping secrets of his own.
Discovering unexpected family connections to this fairy tale land, the group must rely on each other as they dodge evil fairies and battle giants, intent on keeping them in Elorium.
Faced with characters short on whimsy and bent towards treachery, Andi, Quinn, Fredrick and Dylan are forced into fairy tale roles to find the way home. But in Elorium, happily ever after is never guaranteed.

This looked really cool, but the reality of it wasn't all that impressive.
It would probably be ok for younger children (middle-grade readers), but it definitely won't hold the attention of teens or adults.
The story was sort of all over the place, and I had a hard time getting interested enough in the characters to want to keep reading.
I'm also going to go ahead and assume that I read an ARC, even though it wasn't labeled as one. That way I don't have to complain about all of the jacked up grammatical mistakes.
Yeah, yeah. I know I'm not exactly the Grammar Girl. But I'm also not charging you $9.99 to read my crap review, either. So there!

I'm sorry, but I can't recommend this. 
If you're looking for something to introduce children to fairytales, there's a lot of better stuff out there.
If you're a fan of retellings, there's a lot of better stuff out there. 
If you've read everything else, and your head will literally explode (perhaps because you have some weird hi-tech collar around you neck that was installed by an evil fairy) unless you read something with Grimm in the title? Then by all means, check this one out.


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