Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Batman Incorporated, Vol. 2 Gotham's Most Wanted by Grant Morrison

Release Date: December 3, 2013
Publisher: DC Comics
Source: NetGalley
Author Links: Website | Twitter | Goodreads

In this new collection of issues #7-13 of the hit BATMAN, INCORPORATED series and the BATMAN, INCORPORATED SPECIAL #1, Batman and his allies must strengthen their resolve as Leviathan moves against Gotham City. Everything since issue #1 has been leading to the tragic moment in which Damian Wayne pays the ultimate price in the war against crime!

I didn't love this volume of Batman Incorporated as much as some of my friends. Sorry, but I guess it just seemed kinda of chaotic and weird to me.
Then again, with Grant Morrison you never know what you're going to get. I doubt that anyone will argue with me when I say that he's almost as iconic as the characters that he writes about. And when he's on his game he's undoubtedly the best. When he's not?
Well, let's just say I have a love/hate relationship with his stuff.

So in this one, there's lots of Talia Al-Ghul and her special brand of lunacy.
She's Bat-shit crazy!
Get it? Get it?!
*snort, snort*
Whatever. I'm hilarious, and you know it...
She's determined to bring Batman to his knees and get revenge on Damian for turning his back on her.
It just goes to show you that if Mamma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.
Since she has the power of Leviathan behind her, she's in a great position to do it, too.
This is just my opinion, but Talia seemed wackier than normal. I prefer the version of Talia that is semi-sane, not the one with spittle flying out of her mouth.
Ok. I'm exaggerating...but you get my point.
Then Damien's clone shows up and takes the insanity to a whole new level. Hilarity ensues as the Bat-family bands together to save the day!
There are a couple of 'shocking' deaths that I thought were well done, but the Big Bomb didn't have the same effect on me.
And here's why:
You can't kill off a fan-favorite. I mean, you can, but I don't think anybody is going to buy it. The joke is that nobody stays dead in comic books. In Green Lantern's Blackest Night arc, you can see the scope of it perfectly. For those of you who don't know the storyline, the Black Ring not only resurrected dead superheroes, but also turned everyone in the DC universe who had ever died into a Black Lantern. Needless to say, not many superheroes were left over to fight them.
On a side note, I believe they used this story arc to bring a few characters back from the dead.

Does this mean I'm done with Batman Inc.? No way! It's a great title, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Does it mean I'm done with Morrison? Are you crazy?! There's too much genius rattling around inside of his head for me to ever give up on his stuff.


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