Monday, November 11, 2013

[Review] Nikolai (Dark Light #2.5) by S.L. Jennings

Two centuries ago, I clawed my way into a world of immorality, filth and destruction. A world seething with secrets and lies, both mortal and immortal.  Complete and utter Darkness. I know we’re supposed to be inherently evil, but something inside me refuses to fully believe our legends. Something that calls out for more…calls out for her. But there are rules. Rules that control the balance of nature. And if broken, it could destroy everything I’ve ever known. It could destroy me. I am Nikolai Skotos, son of Stavros and Delia, and brother of Dorian, the heir of the Dark throne. I am one of the most powerful Dark forces to have ever walked this earth.And I once was lost. Now, I’m about to give it all up for the girl that found me.  *This is a PREQUEL NOVELLA for the Dark Light Series, NOT Book 3, to be read AFTER reading Dark Light & The Dark Prince*

Funny how the dark and depraved thrive at night, as if the shadows can conceal our inequities.  Under the dark cloak of denial, we feed our inner beasts with our own individual brands of evil, stifling the guilt until morning.  Avoidance is a way of life for us sinners.

Nikolai is a great addition to the Dark Light series featuring Dorian's younger brother, whom we met in The Dark Prince.  Nikolai is smoldering and sexy, with a bit of an evil streak in him.  He is powerful and strong, yet has a bit of a "daddy" complex.  See, Niko's the younger brother of The Dark Prince, from a ruling family.  He is seen as a bit of a screw up by his dad, and is trying to prove to his family that he is responsible enough to handle his family's affairs.  He's also a bit resentful of Dorian, even though he looks up to his older brother with a ton of love and respect.

I've never felt that magnitude of loyalty for anyone...except my brother.  But he's gone, abandoning me to figure all this shit out on my own.  Dorian was the good one.  The smart one.  The one that kept me from fucking up everything our family has built and stood for.

Niko has lived a life of debauchery, taking what he wants from anyone, regardless of the consequences.  No one is strong enough to stand up to him, so he spends his nights partying with different women to meet his needs.  Niko is in New Orleans to watch over his family's interests in the city.  He employs girls who act as hookers.  Although he profits off of his girls, he also provides them with protection, food and accomodations.  The one thing I liked about Niko was that he has certain rules he lives by.  He might be a demonic party boy, testing out his girls by having them perform sex acts on him, but he refuses to allow underage girls to become a part of this type of life.

I'm not kidding myself.  I know I'll never be satisfied.  I'll always want more.  More wealth.  More power.  More women.

Niko has a dark past.  Although he is sexually active, he hasn't actually completed a sex act in decades.  He is numb and emotionally unavailable...until Amelie shows up.  Amelie is the daughter of a man who owes a debt.  She happens to be the one to pay the debt.  Although human, there is something special about Amelie, and she immediately gains Niko's attention.  They are instantly attracted to one another and although Niko takes it slowly, a hot and sexy relationship begins.  And ladies, few authors write "hot" like S.L. Jennings!  Niko decides that he wants to be a better man for Amelie.  Amelie is the light to Niko's dark.  She the softness to his hardness.  She is a good person, right down to her very bones.  Her love, loyalty and trust are what makes her so intriguing to Niko.

"Really.  You are my dream, Amelie.  It's not over.  It's just the beginning."

It was interesting to see Niko before the events of The Dark Prince.   He seems so very different in this novella.  In The Dark Prince, Niko seems like a typical younger brother:  free wheeling, relaxed, without a care in the world.  He's a great little brother to Dorian, and he genuinely cares for Gabby in the novels.  I would have never guessed his background.  In Nikolai, Niko is much more intense.  He's brooding and manipulative and I would have guessed that what happens with Amelie would have affected him more in the future than it seems to have.  But....I know that Ms. Jennings has something up her sleeve that will explain some of my questions, and I only hope that the ending of Nikolai isn't what happened in reality.  My fingers are crossed as I anxiously await Light Shadows.

If you are a fan of hot and sexy paranormal romance, you need to pick this series up stat!  Those of you that have already enjoyed this series will eat up this novella!  


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