Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review: City of Mirrors (A Diana Poole Thriller #1) by Melodie Johnson Howe

Release Date: August 6, 2013
Published by: Pegasus Books
Source: PB ARC provided by publisher
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Running out of money, Diana Poole is forced to go back to the only work she knows: acting. Her much-loved husband and movie-star mother have died, and now Diana is over thirty-five. In Hollywood that means she might as well be dead. Still, a few key people remember her talent, and she lands a role in a new movie. But an actress should never get her hopes up, especially when she discovers the female lead’s murdered body. Raised in her mother’s shadow, Diana knows people in “the business” will go to dangerous lengths to protect their images. When her own life and career are threatened, Diana decides to fight back and find the killer. But unmasking the surprising murderer isn’t that easy, especially when she uncovers what’s real—and unreal—in her own life.


City of Mirrors was a clever, suspenseful read with a mystery that had enough twists and turns to constantly keep me guessing. 

I must admit, I've been in a bit of a reading slump lately. I've had several books that I wasn't able to finish and there haven't been many that have really left an impression on me. This debut in the Diana Poole series was exactly what I needed. The pacing was fast and there wasn't a dull moment, so I was able to fly through this novel in a very short amount of time. When I wasn't reading I had my mind on the story, thinking about the details of the mystery and wondering who the murderer could be.

I really enjoyed the protagonist, Diana Poole. She was a tough, resilient character with plenty of flaws and a troubled past. She's trying to rebuild her life after losing her husband and dealing with the passing of her movie-star mother. She had a rocky relationship with the late Nora Poole and is constantly being compared to her now that she's trying to revive her own career as an actress.

Diana's comeback in the film industry has it's challenges. She is asked to work with a young new actress who can't remember her lines and doesn't seem enthusiastic about her career. But before Diana has the chance to help, she finds her dead and that is where the mystery begins.

We are introduced to many interesting characters along the way, both good and bad, some living and some who still have a powerful effect on Diana's life even though they are gone. These characters were all connected in various ways and were great additions to the story.

If you enjoy a good mystery with shady characters and an independent protagonist who doesn't need a hero to swoop in and save the day, then City of Mirrors is a must-read.


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