Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Cover Art - The Immortal Crown, The Moth in the Mirror, Fire Kin & more!

There were a lot of great covers revealed last week, but I think this week may be even better. I was really excited to see the cover for the Cainsville sequel, The Registry sequel, and a new novella for Splintered. Those are the three from this list that I'm most looking forward to. I'm also adding Illusive, Fiendish, & Zombie, Indiana to the pre-order list. 

I was a little surprised by the cover for The Immortal Crown. I love it, but it's so different from Gameboard of the Gods that I would never have guessed they were books from the same series. 

What books from the list below are you most looking forward to?

Fire Kin


The Immortal Crown




Escapism Fanatic said...

Loving the new covers. Why do these books have such pretty covers? Compelling us to keep buying them over and over again.

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