Monday, October 7, 2013

[Coffee Shop Talks] Top 10 Authors We'd Love to Meet!

10.  Tiffany Reisz (Original Sinners) - Tiffany is a rock star.  She made me love a series I thought I would hate.  She plans out every twist and turn in her books to bring out the most emotion in her readers. She writes what I like to call erotica with heart. I love reading her tweets and the way she interacts with her fans.  ~ Jamie

9. Tarryn Fisher (Love Me With Lies) - Tarryn is a master at the mind f*&k. This chick is a cool one. There's no one else I'd like to go shopping with and grab a Starbucks with. Her writing is amazingly good - keep you on the edge of your seat awesome. She writes with heart, and I adore her dark and twisted stories. ~ Jamie

8.  Ilona Andrews (Kate Daniels, The Edge) - This amazing writing duo puts out one of the most consistently excellent UF series out there.  They use strong world building and even stronger characters to create a series that I can't put down.  And....they created Curran.  Who wouldn't want to meet the people that gave us that sexy, furry beast?  ~ Jamie

7. Karina Cooper (St. Croix Chronicles, Dark Mission) - Creator of one of my favorite characters (Cherry St. Croix) and a woman not afraid to rock blue hair. I have no doubt that meeting Karina would be an interesting experience. I love reading her stories, I love reading her tweets, and I would love to hang out with her. ~ Cat

6. Darynda Jones (Charley Davidson, Darklight) One of the nicest authors I've ever interacted with is Darynda Jones. She's always so incredibly sweet and always takes the time to respond to her fans. But really, her being the creator of Charley & Reyes is enough for her to make the list.  ~Cat

5. Delilah S. Dawson (Blud, Shadowman: Follow Me Boy, Servants of the Storm) Funny, smart, beautiful, creative. I have a complete and total girl crush on Delilah Dawson. Her stories are some of the best I've read and I love that she ventured out in to the world of comics and wrote a short story based on Shadowman. She's a cool chick and I plan to meet her one day. ~Cat

4. Chuck Wendig (Miriam Black, Mookie Pearl, The Heartland Trilogy) If you follow Wendig on Twitter, then you know why he's on my list of authors to meet. How could anyone who tweets stuff like this hang out with you and NOT provide hours of entertainment? ;-) ~ Cat

3. Madeline Sheehan, author of Undeniable and The Holy Trinity series. Why would I like to meet her? Because she's a bad ass. Her biker bad boys are second to none, and her UF has kept me waiting with bated breath for its conclusion. Any mind that works like hers is one I'd like to meet. ~ Jamie

2. Karen Marie Moning, author of the Fever series. Jericho Z. Barrons is by far my favorite UF character. Moning writes an intense, dark journey through her alternate world of magic and the Fae. I can't put into words how much I love this series, and wait impatiently for the next novel. ~Jamie

1. Stacia Kane, author of Downside Ghosts series. Stacia Kane is my favorite writer. I love the dark worlds and the damaged characters she creates. She also seems to be one pretty cool chick, interacting with fans and taking a stand on different topics in the literary world. ~Jamie

Visit the other ladies of Coffee Shop Talks to see who makes their top 10!


Antonietta Scrofani said...

Tiffany Reisz is on my list too!! YaY!! I picked up Stacia Kane's series because both you and Traci raved about her books. =) Awesome list

Traci Horton said...

Some great choices there! I quickly realized that even though we got to pick 10, there are still so many that I had to leave out :(

Danielle Romero said...

Some great picks! and I love that you used pics

Braine TS said...

Yes to all of them & I'm quite surprised to see how young some of them look! Damn Wendig & Cooper's Twitter convos are worth stalking their accounts for. I hardly interact via twitter but I do a lot of stalking and these two & Reisz are on top of my list. Great list guys!

Tina B said...

I went to Book Bash this year and was lucky enough to meet both Tarryn & Madeline. :-)
They are awesome!!

Bookworm Brandee said...

I can't believe y'all could keep it to 10! ;) I got to meet Ilona & Gordon at RT this year - total fangirl moment! LOL I'd really like to meet KMM, Madeline Sheehan, and Stacia Kane, too.

Carmel @ Rabid Reads said...

I met Ilona and Gordon Andrews at this year's RT convention. They were too cute! I'd love to meet Karen Marie Moning and Darynda Jones too. Great list!

Amanda P said...

These are all great picks! I've met a few of them from your at various signings. KMM and Ilona Andrews are definitely on my need to meet list.

I think the nicest author I have ever met was Kresley Cole followed by Kristen Ashley. Seriously they were both the biggest sweethearts.

I've never actually met Tiffany Reisz but I've talked to her a few times and she goes way out of her way for fans!

-Amanda P

Where the Night Kind Roam

Keep-Calm Read-Romance said...

I was scared shitless to meet Tarryn. Maybe it's because of her books and I expected to be something like Olivia. LOL. But she is a sweetheart and absolutely gorgeous. KMM & MSheehas would be on my list to meet too along with JR Ward. If I met those three authors I could die happy.

Jennifer TheBookNympho said...

I've meet Ilona Andrews. They are GREAT!
I'd love to KMM and Kane. I keep missing Jones. I've been to two AAD's conventions but she's had to cancel for personal reasons both times. One day. One day I'll get to meet her.

I've meet a few of my other faves like J. Frost, J. Estep, M. Harper and a few others.

I'd love to meet Kresley Cole. I'm excited she will be at RT14. I just hope I get to go.

delilah s. dawson said...

I see where you're going with this, and I look forward to my invite from AddictiCon. Not only because Karina is my flower twin, Chuck is my bearded spirit animal, and Tiffany and I are going to run away and write foxhunting erotica together. But also because I want to meet Cat. And Jamie. And Karen Marie Moning. <3

Addicted2Heroines said...

LOL! AddictiCon. Love it. I want to meet Jamie too ;-)

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