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[Early Review] - Requiem for the Dead (Dreg City #5) by Kelly Meding

She's died twice while protecting her city…and she'd do it again to save the people she loves.  After a deadly, artificial infection forces the vampire Families into a self-imposed isolation, the city's protective Watchtower forces are depleted by one third, leaving humans and shifters to shoulder the burden. Human enforcer Evangeline Stone is determined to find a way to help her vampire allies, but she already has her hands full—investigating an escalating series of goblin attacks, dealing with her half-werewolf lover, locating three missing werewolf teenagers, and learning to trust her non-human coworkers.  When a potential cure for the vampires' infection is given to her by an unlikely source, it's just as quickly stolen—collateral damage in a power play within the were-cat Clan that leaves one human ally dead and another horribly injured. With Wyatt Truman still adjusting to his new life as a half-werewolf, Phineas missing in action, and her shifter allies crippled by internal anarchy, Evy has to rely on her own strength and instincts to steal back the cure, stop a murderer, and to save the Watchtower before it's destroyed from the inside out.

*Spoilers from previous books included in this review*

Evangeline Stone is back in action is this action-packed fifth book in Kelly Meding's awesome Dreg City series.  Set in the dark Dreg City, Evy and her cohorts are in trouble.  The vampires can no longer help them control the dark, paranormal elements in their world, the shifters are in a state of confusion and betrayal hides behind every corner.  To add to her stress, Evy has a new problem - balancing her love life with her work.  Wyatt is back, thank goodness, and stronger than ever, even if he is a tad bit furry.  And although Wyatt loves Evy more than just about anything, he has new responsibilities and choices that he must make that will test his new life.

In Requiem for the Dead, the shifters are caught in a power struggle.  This time, the threat doesn't come from a mad scientist or an insane goblin queen, but from within their own ranks.  We still see glimpses of the fae, the goblins and sadly, the gremlins, but this book focuses on the internal strife.  There are four major points, in my opinion, to this story:  the shifters and their betrayal, the vampire disease, Evy and her relationship with her "parents" and Wyatt's new pack responsibilities.  Evy just happens to be in the middle of everything.  

Normal has never been in our relationship description.

One thing that made me very, very happy was the state of Evy's and Wyatt's relationship.  These two have won against all sorts of nefarious odds and it's so nice to see them committed to one another.  Finally.  No excuses.  No wishy-washy feelings.  One hundred percent in love, happy, kick ass UF couple!  Evy and Wyatt are a natural fit.  They work exceedingly well together, but they know when to back off and give the other space.  Wyatt is dreamy, as always.  I've had a crush on him since the beginning.  My only problem with this relationship is that Evy make a conscious decision to keep a very hard truth from Wyatt.  It's something we have known about for a while now regarding Rufus, but Evy revisits it in this book.  I think she is making a huge mistake and that this will lead to all sorts of stomach churning Wyatt drama in the future.  Evy has a habit of not necessarily lying, but from keeping the truth from her friends.  She thinks that not telling Wyatt certain secrets is protecting him and/or her.  It almost bit her in the ass in Requiem and I don't see her getting away with it for much longer.

"I love you, too.  All of you with all of me."

There are some amazing fight scenes in this book.  Meding is excellent when writing action sequences and this book does not disappoint.  The resolution at the end of this book is further proof of that.  I love the darkness and the blood and the gore at the end of this book.  I'm just glad Evy isn't the one on the receiving end from some crazed goblin!

The fact that sleeping in a gore-soaked bed with my filthy half-werewolf boyfriend didn't even seem strange made me laugh.

We are left with some unanswered questions at the end of this book.  There is a return of one of my favorite shifters who always finds a way to play a major role in Dreg City.  Although Evy and Wyatt seem strong, I think there will be a comeuppance regarding Evy's less-than-truthful behavior, and I can only hope that it doesn't destroy this couple I have come to love.  I am interested to see if the vampires return to help keep Dreg City in check, and how the shifters are going to play out when the fae are brought back into the picture.  I love the dark and almost desperate feel to this story and I hope to see some final conclusion for all of the amazing Dreg City characters before this series ends.

It still amazes me that Kelly Meding is self-publishing this ass kicking urban fantasy series of hers.  I am a huge fan of dark UF, and this series is one of the best out there.  Combining the dark paranormal elements of Dreg City, magic and an amazing love story, this is one of the most consistent UFs published.  I have been a fan of Dreg City for several years now, and I hope to see this story continue in the future.


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