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Review: Iron Man: Extremis by Warren Ellis (Writer) and Adi Granov (Artist)

Release Date: February 14, 2007 (first published 2005)
Publisher: Marvel
Source: My Awesome Local Library
Author Links: Goodreads | Website | Twitter

Illustrator Adi Granov joins forces with scribe Warren Ellis to redefine the armored avenger's world for the 21st century - a landscape of terrifying new technologies that threaten to overwhelm fragile mankind! What is Extremis, who has unleashed it, and what does its emergence portend for the world? Collects Iron Man (2005) #1-6.

So why am I reviewing a comic book that came out years ago? 
Well, there's this movie that came out a while ago about a guy in a metal suit. You may not have heard about it, 'cause I don't think it did very well at the box office... 
Ok. Seriously.
Because Warren Ellis' Extremis is the plot that the new Iron Man 3 movie is loosely based on.

For those of you who don't know, Ellis is considered almost god-like to many comic book fans. I've been incredibly unfortunate when it comes to getting my hands on his stuff, so Extremis is one of the few books that I've read by him. In fact, aside from a few of his Astonishing X-Men titles, this is it. But from the scant amount of material I've been able to read, I have to admit that I'm going to have to agree with my nerdy friends.
In case you were wondering, I am not a nerd. I only read comic books so my boys will think I'm cool. Really. Really!

Anyway, this was awesome! I loved the plot, which featured an extremist hillbilly who gets hold of a vial of experimental super-serum. Of course, nothing good ever happens when my fellow rednecks are introduced to sci-fi quality goods. 
In the south we know not to give anyone with a trucker hat access to dangerous chemicals. Obviously this is not a well know fact in other parts of the country. And you say we're stupid...
Although to be fair, maybe he cleaned up a bit before his meeting with the evil scientists?

So Extremis is the name of the serum invented by a friend of Tony's, and she comes to him for help when it's stolen from her lab. The guy who has swallowed this concoction is an unstable man, who from the looks of it grew up in one of those freaky families that horde guns and canned vegetables in preparation for 'The Revolution'. Apparently they took things a bit too far and it didn't end well for them. He saw his entire family gunned down by government agents when he was a child, and it left a nasty taste in his mouth.

Taking the serum changed him from the inside out, turning him into a super-soldier. Only not a cute and cuddly one like Captain America. He spews black tar stuff, shoots flames, and has Hulk-like strength. So to say Iron Man's battle with him didn't go well would be an understatement. By the time this guy is done with Tony he's half dead, and the only thing that might possibly save his life guessed it...a dose of Extremis. And this is the decision that ushers in a whole new Iron Man. Instead of Tony just being a guy with a weaponized suit of armor, he's now a  part of that suit. Very cool.

I thought the art was great, but if you're not a fan of the hyper-slick CGI artwork, you may not like it as much as I did. Personal preferences, etc...

If you're just a curious fan of the movies and not a regular graphic novel reader, I think this would be a good place to dip your toes in the water. Who knows? After you get a taste, you might find yourself standing inside your local comic book store trying to act like you're just picking up a few books for 'your kids'.
Not that I've ever done that... 

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timewantsaskeleton said...

"In the south we know not to give anyone with a trucker hat access to dangerous chemicals. Obviously this is not a well know fact in other parts of the country. And you say we're stupid..." LOL great review! I don't do many superhero books because there is just SO MUCH but for any newbies, something tat as a familiar counter part is less intimidating, fo sho.
PS- I read comics so boys will like me too ;)ahahahaha


Glad you liked the review! This one is a great comic for someone with little to no knowledge of these characters to jump off at.

erin said...

Something different :) Thanks for sharing!

Mary Preston said...

Very cool! My son would absolutely love this.


My oldest son had a hard time learning to read, and someone suggested comic books as a way to get him interested. Worked like a charm! Not only did he learn to read well, but I got hooked on them too!

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