Friday, August 16, 2013

Review: Diamonds and Toads: A Modern Fairy Tale by K.E. Saxton

Release Date: September 23, 2011
Publisher: K.E. Saxton
Source: NetGalley
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Sugar and spice and everything nice...and, oh yes, naughty—times twice.

Together, sweet Delilah and wicked Isadora make the perfect woman. But the Perrault family fairy is a troublemaker and imbues diamonds upon one sister and toads upon the other. Now up is down and down is up in a world where no good deed goes unpunished. Leather, blindfolds, and handcuffs purge sweet of all reserve. A few misspoken words of lust gives wicked a whole new meaning.

Once upon a time, there were two sisters, one cursed and one blessed by fairy magic…

Bibbidee-bobbidi-boo, They’re naughty. How about you?

This was a cute fairytale romance about two sisters and the men who love them. 

In the first story, Delilah is the good girl who gets rewarded by the family fairy. She's got zero self-esteem due to a lifetime of insults from her wicked stepmother. She's also head over heels in love with her accountant. He's a handsome but iffy guy who proposes to her in order to get enough money to save his family's company. 

He sounds horrible, but he's not all bad. He isn't actually out to steal her money. He plans on paying it back before she realizes it's gone. Yeah, that doesn't sound much better, does it?  Also, he plans on throwing himself on the grenade and going through with the marriage. He's just not in love with first. 

Delilah has a few secrets of her own. The biggest (other than the fairy) is that she moonlights as a dominatrix. Surprisingly, that part of the story doesn't really go anywhere interesting. I mean, it plays a part, but ...I don't know, I just expected...I don't know. Anyhoo, it had a cute ending.

In the second story, Isadora is the evil sister who ends up cursed by the exact same magic. I can't say that her character ever really grew on me much. She was awful in the beginning, and then became less awful as the story wrapped up. It was an ok romance, and she does progress as a human being by the end. I just didn't think she progressed enough to end up with a great guy. Whatever. We all know that men love bitchy women.

Don't even bother denying that one. How many awesomely sweet men do you know who are married to or are dating an absolute nightmare of a woman? 
I'm telling you, the secret to keeping your man happy is to let your evil side come out and play every now and then. Make sure you tuck her away when your friends come over, though. Women aren't as stupid as men, and your girlfriends won't put up with that bullshit for very long.

I wish the actual fairy had been explained a bit better, but all that's really said about her is that she's been their 'family fairy' for a long time. Not really sure what that entails, and I would have liked a bit more background info on that whole situation before the book ended. Then again, it's not like I'm going to lay in bed at night worrying about it. So does it really matter? No.

I read romances when I just want something fluffy that's not going to challenge my mind or tick me off. This fits the bill nicely. I'd recommend it for someone looking for a Rainy Afternoon read. 

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