Monday, June 24, 2013

[Coffee Shop Talks] Pros & Cons of Book Blogging

The thing I love most about blogging is sharing my thoughts on my favorite books with people who share the same interests. I'm not gonna lie....there are very few people in RL around me that read urban fantasy. When people find out what book I'm reading, I get a lot of, "Oh, is that another one of those vampire books?" along with a patronizing expression. Blogging takes that all away, and allows me to share what I love with others who love the same thing.

What I don't like is the influx of books I have for review. Don't get me wrong - I get a lot of excellent review books. The drawback is that I don't read the new books to the series I'm already invested in. For example, I still haven't read Kim Harrison's Ever After!  It's very frustrating for me to skip over so many beloved books so I can read other titles for review. Nine out of ten times, I love the review books I read. I'd just like to put the brakes on and slow it down sometimes.

There are so many things that I love about book blogging! The authors are incredibly friendly, I have book reading buddies who are as crazy as I am, receiving shiny new ARCs in the mail is always exciting, and I've been exposed to so many new books that I may not have found otherwise. It's the best hobby ever!

My biggest complaint about blogging is how time consuming it is! When I started reading back in 2009, I was finishing 200 books a year. Now I'm averaging half of that. Between writing reviews, making adjustments to the blog, creating small graphics, commenting on other blogs and other social networking, along with putting together giveaways, guest posts, interviews, etc., there just isn't as much time for reading.

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Traci Horton said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who experienced the "another vampire book" comments. I'm so glad to be able to discuss my love for PNR & UF books online without the eye-rolls.

I'm finding that the more involved I get with day-to-day blogging concerns the less I actually read...and I miss it!

Lexxie Lin said...

It's true that blogging is awesome in many, many ways! One of them (and the best one IMO) is to be able to talk about my book addictions with like minded people. Most of my RL friends think I'm a little crazy, reading books and talking about vampires, weres and fairies as if they were real people :D

Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

Carmel @ Rabid Reads said...

I get a lot of those "you read vampire books!?" looks too. Thank goodness for blogging!

Danielle Romero said...

I sooo feel you Jaime on the missing out on series new releases! There are like 7 or 8 that I am majorly falling behind on but Cat, now I think I actually read more than I did before, I get so many review requests that I get this crazy sense of urgency to devour books LOL but i don't think I enjoy them as much as I used to b/c sometimes it feels like work :(

Jo said...

I think the time-consuming bit is what keeps me out of the game :) I love reading the books and I appreciate all the effort that goes into book blogs.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you ladies on this one as well. Like Jamie, I get a lot of patronizing looks, what irks me the most however is when people are all, "oh, you read?" Then they look at me like I grew a second head out something. Pfft!! And I get made fun of because I watched the Twilight movies. It's like, "no bishh, I'm neither team Edward or team Jacob, I'm team every male on that movie! (; LOL I just moved the idea of bringing a book to the big screen, doesn't matter that it was a totally unrealistic portrayal of the banks we've all come to love and lust over, sunshine does not a sexy sparkly vampire make >.<

And Cat, that's my complaint about blogging as well. I love it of course, it's just the time and effort one needs to put into a blog to keep readers from forgetting your face is far too consuming and takes away your passion for some time. I have been going through a reading slump ruler coaster these past few months and I don't like it :( Still, the friends I've made and books we shared I wouldn't change for the world :)

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