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[Blog Tour] Review & Giveaway - Pieces of You (Shattered Hearts #2) by Cassia Leo

We are thrilled to have the Pieces of You blog tour making a stop here today.  Keep reading for a review and two giveaways!  The first giveaway is for paperback copies, along with some other goodies, of Pieces of You.  Also check out the Grand Prize giveaway for an iPad mini!  

The story that began in the USA Today bestseller RELENTLESS continues. Which team are you on?  In Relentless, college student Claire Nixon and surfer Adam Parker each had a painful past too heavy to carry alone. Claire tried to push Adam away, but Adam's relentless pursuit of her heart and her secrets made her walls come crumbling down.
Though their hearts will never be whole again, Claire and Adam now know they are stronger together than they are apart. But now Claire's attending college a hundred miles away from Adam. With their relationship already hanging by a thread, Adam is sent to Hawaii on business.  And rock star Chris Knight is back in Claire's life. Chris wants his ex-girlfriend back and he knows just how to get her: only he has the power to mend the final missing piece of Claire's broken heart. Now Claire must choose between a long-distance relationship with Adam and a second chance at love, family, and home.  New Adult Contemporary Romance: Due to strong language, drug use, and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Release Date: May 17, 2013
Publisher:  Self-Published
Genre:  New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Pages:  322

 Pieces of You is a character study of three lost and damaged souls.  Although I enjoyed Relentless a bit more than Pieces of You, this was an excellent read with all the emotional, angsty goodness anyone could ever want.  This series is ferociously addictive!

The plot of this book is very simple.  This book is mostly about Claire, Adam and Chris trying to heal from the wounds of their past.  There are a couple of other minor plot points, but we are treated to a character heavy story.  Claire and Adam are still together at the beginning of this book, although he has to move to Hawaii for several weeks for a job.  While in Hawaii, Claire and Chris deal with personal demons and Claire reclaims the only home she has ever known.

I'm going to just throw this out there....I'm Team Chris.  All.  The.  Way.  I liked Adam after Relentless but I was never fully enamored with him.  I kept thinking there had to be more to Chris' story, and wow, was I right!  Step aside Adam.  There's a new emotionally charged rock 'n roller in town!  I find it interesting that both books in this series are titled after one of Chris' songs.  Does that mean anything?  Who knows, but I think it's interesting that his songs are so important - what the theme of both books are based on.

We'd be wrapped up in each other, two ribbons of the same color twisted and tied together, inextricable and indistinguishable.

Adam - you done fucked up.  Adam makes a decision half way through this book that had me shaking my head.  I just couldn't figure out why he was doing what he was doing.  I mean, I understood Cassia Leo's reasons behind it, but it just didn't sit well with me.  And here's the kicker.  Adam made a cataclysmic decision - a decision that gravely affected another person - because he thought he was making the best decision for Claire.  Hmmmmm....Didn't Claire do the same thing?  Didn't she make a cataclysmic, life changing decision for Chris because she thought it was best for him?  All these people running around making decisions for everyone else can't end well.  So this begs the question - if she broke up with Chris for his own good, did she ever really stop loving him?

I've always liked Adam, but I was never 100 % in his corner.  Sure - I was right there along with everyone else loving his, "Olive you," joke.  He was sweet and sexy and managed to pull Claire out of her shell of self-loathing.  I can't place my finger on why I was never sold on him.  I think it's his demeanor.  He's incredibly cocky and I feel he's a bit immature.  The decision he made for Claire was ridiculous.  It just seemed off to me.  I suppose Adam was trying to be honorable, but all I thought was how stupid he was being.  I didn't connect with his reason and it all seemed a bit dramatic to me.

"Are you okay?" he whispers as he kissed my neck and I nod hastily.  "Good 'cause I'm about to wreck you."

We learn a lot more about Chris in this book.  When I step back and think about this story on a grand scale, I am more inclined to say that Chris is the one who was wronged the most.  Claire doesn't feel the same way as I do, but I'll get to her in a minute.  We see Chris as a vibrant, devoted, intelligent and loving person.  He has massive amounts of fame, yet it doesn't seem to affect him all that much.  He is completely invested in Claire.  He shows several times that he wants Claire in his life, even if it's not as his girlfriend.  From buying a bed for Adam to risking his career and record deal, he proved to me in this book that he wants Claire for keeps.

"Go ahead and walk away.  You're still mine, Claire, whether or not you admit it to yourself."

I had a huge problem with Claire in this book. She's the reason I knocked an entire star off of this review. She is extremely damaged, but unfortunately, her story was not enough for me to sympathize with her along with her decisions throughout this book. She cries in this book. A lot. She also makes wishy-washy decisions. Towards the end, it was obvious that she didn't know what she wanted or whom she wanted, and it almost felt like she was playing both Adam and Chris. One chapter, she's saying things like - Now that I'm back together with Chris - and the next chapter she's trying to patch things up with Adam. I wanted to strangle her.  I think all three main characters need to do a bit of soul searching and growing up before any of them can be happy.

"Don't look at me like you're so surprised to hear me say that.  I know you made some tough decisions this past year, but you've been running from the consequences of those decisions instead of facing them."

I loved our expanded view of Chris' mother and Claire's foster mother, Jackie.  She was exactly what a mother should be, and she very gracefully dodges through the minefield of being a mother to both people who are in a difficult situation.  Although she wants her son to be happy, Jackie is supportive of Claire's decisions.  Even though Claire has hurt Jackie very badly, Jackie's love is unconditional.

"Claire, it would make me very happy for you to do well in school and not worry so much about this stuff for a while, but you need to do what your heart tells you to do."

Senia is back in this book but in a limited role.  I always liked her but something she said really made me question her judgment as well.  While Claire is torn between Adam and Chris, both men that she loves and both men who have hurt her in one way or another (although she's responsible for some of that hurt - Claire is no innocent) Senia tells Claire what she thinks.  Senia agrees that Chris is back in the picture but questions where he was when Claire need him the most?  Um, hello?  Had Chris known about Claire's situation, I am positive he would have been there for Claire.  I don't like Senia blaming Chris for decisions he made when he was deliberately kept in the dark.  And the idea that Chris should have been celibate while pining away for Claire is utterly ridiculous.  Claire broke up with Chris,  then disappeared.  

Aside from my difficulties with character decision making, I have to say that Cassia Leo is one heck of a writer.  Please don't let my criticism of Claire hint that I don't like this book.  I Love this book, and I am addicted to this series.  It's only books that are written so well and sing to me on such an intense level that I have such strong emotions about a character.  I can't praise Cassia Leo enough.  I love her style and her story-telling abilities.  She writes beautifully, and is able to inject a ton of realistic drama into the pages.  There is even a small (or large - depending how you look at it) cliff hanger at the end.  I will most definitely be counting the days down to the third book in the Shattered Hearts series.

"These pieces of you are promises, whispering endless possibilities.  My pieces of you are haunted, just echoes of shattered memories."


USA Today bestselling author Cassia Leo loves her coffee, chocolate, and margaritas with salt. When she's not writing, she spends way too much time watching old reruns of Friends and Sex and the City.  When she's not watching reruns, she's usually enjoying the California sunshine or reading--sometimes both.

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