Thursday, May 30, 2013

Review: Mortality (The Hitchhiker Strain #1) by Kellie Sheridan

After surviving a deadly plague outbreak, sixteen-year-old Savannah thought she had lived through the very worst of human history. There was no way to know that the miracle vaccine would put everyone at risk for a fate worse than un-death. Now, two very different kinds of infected walk the Earth, intent on nothing but feeding and destroying what little remains of civilization. When the inoculated are bitten, infection means watching on in silent horror as self-control disappears and the idea of feasting on loved ones becomes increasingly hard to ignore. Starving and forced to live inside of the abandoned high school, all Savannah wants is the chance to fight back. When a strange boy arrives with a plan to set everything right, she gets her chance. Meeting Cole changes everything. Mere survival will never be enough.

Release Date: March 19, 2013
Publisher: Patchwork Press
Source: NetGalley
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Zombies. Gotta love 'em. Or I do, anyway.
Now if zombies are your thing too, then Mortality isn't a bad choice for a rainy afternoon of reading.
Is is groundbreaking? No. There's nothing super-duper different about the walking dead in this one, but it's fast paced and well written enough to keep you flipping the pages. Besides, can you really say no to that cover? Yeah, I didn't think so.

It's told from the POV's of two different girls, Savannah and Zarah. Savannah is the main character, but the reason for Zarah's story doesn't become clear till the end of the book.
I will not give spoilers, I will not give spoilers...
Anyway. We get introduced to Savannah and her friends, who are living in an abandoned high school with the rest of their small community. Both of Savannah's parents were killed in the Zombie Apocalypse (it's coming, people!), and now her days consist of training to fight the two types of infected. The first are the zombies who were infected when the virus initially hit. These guys are what you've seen in every horror flick. A slow-moving, groaning, mindless corpse that wants to eat you up. Yum.
The second type are a bit different. The scientists came up with a 'cure' for the virus, but didn't get a chance to properly test it. You know that can't possibly end well, right? Surprise, surprise, the people who were inoculated after the first wave, and then bitten by an original zombie...turned into Super-Zombies. This second kind of zombie is much faster, stronger, and smarter than the first generation.
So, yeah. The vaccine didn't work.
Since Savannah is part of the under 18 crowd, the adults have decided to sideline her (and the other kids) for their own protection. Unfortunately, Savannah isn't content to let others do all of the fighting, and while she and her friends are out on a relatively safe medicine run, she talks the boys into attempting something a bit more daring. And it works! Well, sort of.
Ok, not at all.Turns out, they're pretty much responsible for the destruction of the community's safety.
Kids these days. Tsk. They never listen!
I blame the internet.
Alrighty. Due to their lack of foresight, zombies overrun the community's compound, and the group is forced to make a run for it. Unfortunately, Savannah and her friends get left behind, and have to try to make it to the designated safe house on their own.
*cue ominous music*
What about Zarah?  Well, her journey is sprinkled throughout the book in a way that keeps you interested, but doesn't really compare to Savannah's. Her story somewhat parallels Savannah's in a What If kind of way, but it soon becomes obvious that she's a secondary character.
Things also get more interesting once Cole is introduced. At first, he seems like a bumbling idiot, but he turns out to have quite a few useful tricks up his sleeve. To top it off, he's got some pretty interesting secrets. I'm not really sure I was feeling the chemistry between him and Savannah, though. It wasn't insta-love, but it kind of felt like they ended up together because there weren't many other choices left.

In the end, I'd say this was a decent zombie book...with an awesome cover. If you're new to the genre, I wouldn't start here, there's better stuff out there to cut your teeth on. However, if you're already addicted to rabid flesh-eaters, then this will probably satisfy your craving for braaaaains!


Tanja - Tanychy said...

Honestly I'm not sure how I feel about zombies. They're too mainstream for my taste same as vampires. But I should give this one a try to see cause I've never read a really strong zombie book. Great review! :)

Ashley @ The Bibliophile's Corner said...

I need to read some more zombie books. I think I might give this one a go.


Thanks, glad you liked the review!
Tanja, it's funny you mentioned zombies and vampires being too mainstream...I just finished a zombie/vampire book. lol!

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