Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Waiting on Dying Is My Business & Scorched!

Sept 3rd 2013 | Sourcebooks Fire 

Sixteen-year-old Trinity Brown is used to her grandfather's crazy stories, so she never believed the latest treasure he brought home was a real dragon's egg. Not until their home is invaded by soldiers trying to steal it and a strange boy who tells her the world as she knows it will be wiped out in a fiery dragon war—unless they work together to stop it. Meantime, there's a different voice whispering to Trinity, calling to her, telling her what to do...the dragon inside her egg is not ready to give up without a fight.

October 8th 2013 | St. Martin's Griffin

Given his line of work in the employ of a psychotic Brooklyn crime boss named Underwood, Trent finds himself on the wrong end of too many bullets. Yet each time he's killed he wakes a few minutes later completely healed of his wounds but with no memory of his past identity. What’s worse, each time he cheats death someone else dies in his place.  Underwood's latest task seems simple at first: steal an old, antique box from some squatters in an abandoned warehouse near the West Side Highway.  Trent soon finds himself stumbling into an age-old struggle between the forces of good and evil, opening his eyes to a secret world that shadows our own, a world where dangerous magic turns people into inhuman monstrosities, where impossible creatures hide in plain sight, and where the line between the living and the dead is never quite clear. And when the mysterious box is opened, he discovers he has only twenty-four hours to prevent an ancient, unstoppable force from destroying New York City.

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Bonnie R said...

Oooh.. Dying is my Business is new to me but is definitely going on my TBR. Great picks!
My WoW Pick!

Silverlight said...

YES, Scorched!! I first saw this on your Pinterest pg, and love the sound of it, and that cover is awesome!! I don't think I've read a book with Dragons and a female lead? Can't wait!
Dying is my Business, sounds just as good! I'll be adding both to my pile! Fab. picks, doll!

Sharon ObsessionwithBooks said...

Nice picks! Both of these books sound great :-)

My WoW -

Shelley Romano said...

Eggcellent choices! I'm intrigued by Dying is My Business. Thanks for adding yet another book to my TBR pile!

Adriana Delval said...

OMG I am also WoW on Scorched by Mari Mancusi!!! Just looking at that cover ahhhh. It also doesn't help that I am watching Game of Thrones ;D

I am House Targaryen all the way!!

Kate said...

Great choice, I will definitely read this when it comes out : )

my WOW and international giveaway

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