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Blog Tour - Giveaway and Review - Broken by Christa Cervone

Today we are excited to review Christa Cervone's debut novel, Broken, about two very damaged characters and their fight to be with one another.  We are giving away one e-copy of Broken.  All you have to do to enter is comment on this post and tell me who is your favorite contemporary romance man (leave your e-mail address!).  This contest will run for one week from March 15.  Thanks for stopping by! 

According to Webster’s Dictionary the definition of the word Broken is violently separated into parts. SHATTERED.  Yup, that pretty much sums me up. How do I handle things? I find my answers at the bottom of a bottle of Tequila and sleep with random men.

How did I get this way? Well, four years ago I made a decision that cost me the love of my life. I can't undo what I did to drive Garrett out of my life. I haven't seen or heard from him in four long years. But he still haunts me in my dreams or should I call them nightmares at this point? No matter how much booze I drink and how many men I sleep with, nothing fills the void. I feel like I am existing but I’m not really living.  I’m trying to get my life back on track. Well that was until. . . . Garrett walked back into my life. His reappearance threw me into another tailspin.  How do I put the pieces of our broken hearts back together? All before he walks out of my life again... this time for good. Or am I simply destined to just be Broken?

Release Date: February 28, 2013
Publisher:  Self Published
Genre:  New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Broken is a book about a very damaged character named Laila.  Laila is so far gone into her addictions that she is beginning to lead a very dangerous lifestyle.  See, Laila is suffering from a broken heart - a broken heart from a boy, and from other things.  To deal with her pain, she has resorted to alcohol and random men.  She figures that if she's numb, then she can't feel all the pain that is building inside of her.  This is her story of love lost, love found and coming to terms with her past mistakes.

Laila is a recent college graduate.  She is a professional photographer, and works for a lady who takes professional wedding photos.  Laila also works at a bar, Danny's, a few shifts a week, which is convenient since she lives in the apartment above the bar.  Danny's is where Laila can pick up men - any men - so she can lose herself in oblivion.  She's a slut, she's easy, and she's a drunk, but she not un-likeable.  Laila is completely damaged - broken to the point of distress.  Laila is a character you want to hug, but at the same time shake some sense into her.  She never wants a serious relationship with any of the men she brings home because nothing can compare to the relationship she had with her high school sweetheart, Garrett.  

Garrett and Laila were completely, head-over-heels in love until Laila made a decision that has haunted her.  Because of this decision, Garrett and Laila broke up, and Garrett enlisted in the marines.  Laila went on to college where she began her fall into alcohol and meaningless sex.  After years of separation, Laila runs into Garrett at the wedding of a bride she is photographing.  He is there as the date to the sister of the bride and he's not the same man she knew in high school.  However, once they see one another, the old sparks reignite.  For Laila, this isn't an immediate "good thing."  Laila has some very serious issues regarding Garrett and has a near panic attack when she sees him.  After this wedding, it's a while before these two meet again.

When Garrett and Laila finally get together and talk, you can see how blindingly bright they are together.  Garrett has suffered in the last few years, almost as much as Laila, and it was obvious to me that these two become better people when they are around one another.  One thing I need to mention that I was so happy to see was that Laila, wracked by feelings of guilt and abandonment and bogged down by self medication, took her friend's advice and sought out therapy to help her deal with her problems.  I have read very few books where such a damaged character finds the help that they need, so bravo to Ms. Cervone.  

The physical chemistry between Garrett and Laila is off the charts H-O-T!  There are some very steamy scenes included in this book that had me flipping through the pages quickly.  Garrett is one hot soldier and knows just how to rev Laila up.  Garrett has his own physical issues, but he is one of the most understanding boyfriends out there.  He is able to discuss their past with an open mind - he's not happy with what Laila did, but he's willing to forgive her and move on.  Neither one of them has been happy alone, and it's the sweet gift of forgiveness and understanding that Garrett gives to Laila.  

You can really see the growth of Garrett and Laila when they finally discuss what happened in their past.  We know what happened when they were younger and how they both handled the situation.  It's a contrast to see how they handle their feelings and emotions now that they are adults.  There is a sense of maturity that they didn't have when they were still in high school.  Another thing I admire about this book was the lack of angst.  Look - I'm a ansgt whore as much or more than anyone.  However, in the situation that is set up in this book, any added angst to the personal demons that characters are already dealing with would have been overkill.  Cervone walked that fine line where there was great friction between the characters, but she didn't make it so much that it was unbelievable.  This book is emotional without being angsty.

This was a great debut novel and a great New Adult read.  Cervone did a great job with character development and told this story from a view point that made the reader feel sympathy for the broken character of Laila.  I look forward to seeing what else Ms. Cervone has up her sleeve!

"I may have been gone, but you were always in my heart."

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HMitch76 said...

Right now my favorite guy is Cam from Wait for You by Jennifer Armentrout.

Lariza Ramos said...

Tough choice I have many book boyfriends!! I love Ramsey Bridges from the Avoiding series by K.A. Linde!!

erin said...

Congrats to Christa on the new release! Thanks for sharing! I'd have to say Garrick from Cora Carmack's Losing it :)

Dawn Bush said...

I really fell in love with Kellan Kyle...I know he's popular, but he's MINE (lol!). Thanks for the chance!

LM said...

Oh-- I can't choose! Just fell in love with Gunnar from Wanted

laurie said...

Tough choice I have many book boyfriends!! I love Ramsey Bridges from the Avoiding series by K.A. Linde!!

Diana said...

My favorite is Lucas from Easy by Tammara Webber, thank you for the giveaway!

artgiote at gmail dot com

Mary D said...

Gideon Cross from "Bared To You" of course!!!

misshalim said...

Eeps!! I'm dying to read Broken!! Thanks for a chance to win!! :)

My favorite contemporary romance man is Professor Gabriel Owen Emerson from Gabriel's Inferno/Rapture/REDEMPTION!!! OMG!!! Can't wait for Dec!!!


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*yadkny* said...

Definitely Travis from Beautiful Disaster for me!!! :)

CONGRATS to Christa on the release!!!

Mary Preston said...

I don't have a favorite right now.


Lovely Laura said...

Don't know why but I'm on a Colt Mitchell high. :)

Lovely Laura said...

SdyLion said...

Lucas Wolfe from Emily Snow's Devoured was a hit for me. I loved his intensity. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

Leslie Cox said...

By far it's Mr. Kellan Kyle from the Thoughtless series.

ElJoudi TOmanby said...

so beautiful...more thnan wonderful

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