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Review - The Soul Mate (Holy Trinity # 1) by Madeline Sheehan

Having barely escaped a worldwide apocalyptic plague that has transformed most of humanity into flesh eating monsters, Trinity, a young woman, finds sanctuary with a band of roving Gypsies who possess magical powers she'd never dreamed existed.  Safely entrenched in the magically protected Gypsy camp Trinity finds herself laden with a whole new set of problems. The biggest being a 6'4' Scandinavian Gypsy who compels Trinity the way no other man has ever before. Unable to control her impulses around him she soon becomes convinced he is using his magic on her.  While the remaining humans are fighting for their very survival Trinity is at the same time fighting a very different battle. She is fighting for the right to choose her own destiny.

Release Date: March 13, 2012
Publisher:  Self Published
Pages:  196
Genre:  Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Purchase at: Amazon or Barnes & Noble 

I am addicted to a new drug, and its name is "Madeline Sheehan."  It's no secret that I devoured and adored Sheehan's Undeniable earlier this year.  I just had to go out and buy any other book that she had written.  This brought me to her paranormal series, The Holy Trinity.  While not as gritty or raw as Undeniable, this book sucked me in, pulled me under and left me gasping for air just the same.

The world as we know it has been destroyed.  A plague has lead to an apocalyptic scene.  Trinity is a 22-year-old girl who somehow survived the initial onslaught of flesh eating monsters and found herself in the middle of a clan of Gypsies.  The Gypsies have magic - enough to set up wards around their camp to keep the vampires out.  Trinity is a relatively innocent non-Gypsy (Gaje) and seems to have a thing for the tall, blond viking named Gerik.  Although Gerik is drawn to Trinity, she refuses to give him a real chance, mostly because of his never ending tryst with a fellow Gypsy girl.  Trinity, although she tries to fight it, feels an unnatural pull to Gerik.  Something takes over her mind when she touches him and leads to lusty business.

"You feel that, yeah?"  He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine.  His kiss was like a shock to my already overloaded system.  My heart was thumping hard and fast against my chest, feeling like, at any moment, it might explode.  "That's me inside you, Trinity.  I've always been there and always will be."

After a vampire attack, Trinity feels that she needs to learn how to defend herself.  Since she avoids Gerik, she asked another male, Xan (who happens to only be half-Gypsy), to teach her how to shoot firearms.  While working together, Trinity and Xan develop an attraction for one another, yet Trinity is unable to act on that attraction.  Magic is keeping her bound to Gerik.  After feeling betrayed one too many times by Gerik, Trinity forces a connection with Xan, which leads to happiness for Xan and Trinity, and lonliness and depression for Gerik.

"I've seen the way you look at me, like you're soaking wet and need me to wring you out until you're good and dry."

I don't know how Madeline does it, but she makes me feel ridiculously close to her characters.  I felt personally affronted when Trinity found Gerik with another woman.  I felt sick at the way Gerik chooses to handle Xan and Trinity's relationship.  And I felt giddy when  Xan and Trinity became a couple.  I love all of these characters, as well and the side characters.  Although there were parts of this story where I didn't like Xan's and Gerik's behavior, this is one love triangle where I can't decide which guy I like better.

The world building in this book is excellent.  Sheehan is able to describe the Gypsy magic flawlessly.  She creates a world full of magic and intrigue, where anything seems possible.  I especially enjoyed the flashbacks to the previous millenium.  I loved the story of Treime and Emilian and the way this book began and ended.  

This book ends with a cliff hanger that makes me want to immediately begin book 2 of this series, My Soul to Take.  However, knowing Sheehan's propensity for angst, I think I might wait until book 3, My Heart and Soul, is released sometime this Spring.  I don't think my heart could stand the drama and the wait!


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Glad you are enjoying Madeline's books. They sound good.
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