Thursday, February 21, 2013

Early Review: Pros and Cons (Nikki Glass #2.5) by Jenna Black

Release Date: February 25, 2013
Published by: Pocket Star
Source: ARC provided by Edelweiss

An original eNovella in the acclaimed Nikki Glass urban fantasy series, taking place between the events of the novels Deadly Descendant and Rogue Descendant.
As a living descendant of Artemis the Huntress, private investigator Nikki Glass knows how to track someone down—but this time, her latest case leads to unexpected revelations of lies and betrayal...

A perfect story to read while patiently waiting for the release of Rogue Descendant (Nikki Glass #3). I would even suggest this to those of you who have been curious about the series but haven't tried it yet. It doesn't reveal anything that I would consider too spoilery from the previous two stories and new readers can get a feel for Nikki's character and her abilities, as well as a glimpse into the personality and special talents of Jack, one of the secondary characters we meet in Dark Descendant.

The story focuses on a case that Nikki has taken despite having put her PI business on hold. It's the perfect excuse to stay out of the mansion and avoid a potential confrontation with Anderson.

She meets with a woman named Heather Fellowes who confesses to Nikki that a one night stand left her pregnant and not knowing how to reach the father of her unborn child. After being turned down by other private investigators, due to lack of information, she is desperate for Nikki to take her case.

Luckily for Heather, Nikki is a descendant of Artemis and possesses supernatural hunting skills that can aid her in the search when she only has a first name and physical description to go by.

As the story progresses and Nikki digs deeper into the investigation, she discovers that the man she is trying to uncover and the woman who has hired her to find him are not what they seem. There are many untruths and twists revealed and Nikki must eventually enlist the help of a fellow Liberi if she is to find any closure with her case.

Pros and Cons was a quick, entertaining read in the Nikki Glass series and will keep me satisfied until I am able to get my hands on Rogue Descendant in April.


Braine TS said...

I have to bug our library to get books 1 & 2. I really really want to read this series!

Addicted2Heroines said...

I think you'd love it, Braine! The characters are unique and Nikki's skills are really kick ass.

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