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Deleted Scene from Hidden Gates by D. T. Dyllin

I am super excited today to have author extraordinaire and Pittsburgh native D.T. Dyllin with us today.  We here in Pittsburgh are used to excellence - from the Steelers to the Penguins, from pierogies to Primanti's, from Wiz Khalifa to everyone's favorite werewolf Alcide (aka Joe Manganiello).  We now have a fresh, new author to add to our brag list!

The first book in D.T.'s P.J. Stone Gates Trilogy releases today!  Dyllin has a knack for writing multi-dimensional characters and hot romance scenes.  Hidden Gates is a paranormal New Adult book featuring P.J. and my new book boyfriend, Kohl.  And there's this other guy named Bryn, but we're not going to talk about him ;-)

You can purchase Hidden Gates at Amazon or B&N!

Continue reading for a deleted scene from Hidden Gates.  It's a prologue from Kohl's (swoon) point of view.  Enter for a chance to win this book following the scene.  

Just to get you in the mood, here is a visualization of Kohl, right from D.T. herself!  Isn't he yummy?

                                                   Tattoo Fonts
by D.T. Dyllin

Lord Kholkikos aka Khol is one of the love interests of P.J. Stone from my book Hidden Gates. Khol is one sexy…man…and something else. *winks* I don’t want to give it away for those of you who haven’t read it yet.

Anywho…Jamie, who is also my illustrious host on Addicted to Heroines today, is a huge Khol fan. So because of her Khol fandom and the fact that she’s a Pittsburgh Penguins fan, I thought I’d share with her, and you guys, something extra special today. I’m going to give you guys a peek into Hidden Gates by way of a deleted prologue. This prologue didn’t make the cut of the book because I wrote it from Khol’s POV, and Khol has a more ‘poetic’ way of speaking. Ultimately, my editor was worried that it would mis-represent the book for the first impression. But I held on to it because I thought it showed a unique look into things from Khol’s perspective.

Without further ado…here it is…the deleted prologue from Hidden Gates:

                                                            Tattoo Fonts
by:  D.T. Dyllin

I had grown weary, and the kind of boredom that often inflicts my kind hit me sharply in both my heart and mind. After millenniums of living, life no longer held the same kind of appeal that it once did for me. Things seemed dull…lifeless…as if something had muted out the world from my perceptions. I yearned for an escape from my mundane existence, not death, I did not wish for that, but something simpler. So I took my people and wrapped my powers around all of us tightly. We would sleep…to perchance dream…and experience the kind of vibrancy that our lives no longer contained. Not all of us felt as I did, but as their leader I left them with little choice. We would slumber until I saw fit to return to the world, if at all.

I had many dreams over the years that I slept, some merely held memories of things that had already come to pass, and others were much more…exciting…yet I still did not feel the kind of renewal for life that I had hoped for…until I caught a glimpse of her.

She was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Her dormant powers, unrealized and raw, began beating against my subconscious at first slowly and then built a steady rhythm across my senses. Soon I turned my full attention towards her like a flower growing towards the sun. I reached out beyond my slumber to find her, and found not just a girl but also what I had been searching for…a reason for living.

She captivated me because she was more than just her appearance. Of course I couldn’t deny the attraction she held for me. She was beautiful with her long auburn hair that I imagined running my hands through as I pulled her face towards mine to capture her lips. Her tall lithe body called out to me, begging to be touched in ways that I knew she had yet to experience. She was young, naive, innocent—and yet she already held me completely in her thrall.

I found myself watching her, even as she only went about her day-to-day life. I wanted to study her…know her, and I couldn’t bring myself to look away. I knew what had happened only after it was too late. I had bound myself to her magically, my obsession compelling me to do so without my conscious knowledge. We were now linked in the old way, and so when she had her first vision I stood beside her in her mind. I saw what she beheld and I knew that our world was in great danger. Yet…I still resisted the urge to rise from my centuries of sleep…a last bit of stubbornness on my part.

But then she found her way into his arms. Jealousy like I had never felt before coursed through my veins…burning me. It should have been my hands branding her creamy skin. It should have been my face that that her green eyes gazed at with adoration and love. My time for watching had come to an end. I would help her to save our world, and I would make her mine in the way that I already belonged to her. But I had to be patient…careful to not scare her away. I would only get one chance to make Paige Joplin Stone mine. And she would be mine…even after all others turned to dust.


Alriiighty…that’s it folks. I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into Khol’s mind. And I hope my lack of editing skills wasn’t too apparent! LOL I mean, that’s why us authors love our editors so much, they make us look good! Thank you for having me here today Jamie, and LET’S GO PENS! Hehe!

Many thanks to D.T. for joining us today and sharing a bit of Kohl's perspective!  I hope you enjoyed the deleted prologue - I know I did!  Keep an eye out for the second book in this series, Broken Gates, due out later this year.  Oh, and she's releasing an entirely different series this year, starting with Feeling Death!  We have a lot to look forward to from this fantastic author.

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