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Favorite YA/New Adult Books of 2012

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2012 will forever be, to me, the year of "New Adult."  This was the year I started reading this genre, and the number of books on the market seems to have exploded!  It was also a year for excellent YA reads.  Here are my favorites.  Let me know which Young/New adult books made your favorite list this year!

This is a gripping story about a girl who is so damaged, that she tried to change her entire personality to avoid her past.  Fortunately for her, the past includes a very persistent, sweet, and gorgeous boy-next-door that does everything in his power to win back the girl!  I loved reading this story about first love and overcoming a rough past.  The Secret of Ella & Micha set the stage for my near obsession with the new adult genre.  I will be impatiently awaiting Jessica Sorensen's follow-up, The Forever of Ella & Micha.

I first picked up Jennifer Armentrout's Obsidian early this past year.  Little did I know it would lead to me swooning over a high school alien boy with a bad attitude and a penchant for pushing people away.  Opal was a great addition to the Lux series.  The ending has me counting down the days until Origin is released.

If you enjoy complex, damaged characters, super hot leading men and lots of yummy sexiness, this is the book you've been waiting for. On Dublin Street, by Samantha Young, rocked my socks off. Braden Carmichael became a favorite leading man for me. I love the setting of this book, and the journey that heroine Joss takes in this story. And the sexiness in this book is second to none! Whew!

What's not to love about Clay and Susan Griffith's finale to their much-loved Vampire Empire trilogy?  Adele and Garreth are back in action, on a quest to save the world from the clutches of evil.  Their trademark sardonic humor is along with them in this book.  Adele became my favorite YA heroine in this book, growing from a privileged princess to a formidable empress.  This book embodies the ideas of loyalty, trust and love.  I'm so sad to see it end.

Oh, Jace!  How I adore you!  I didn't pick up book one in The Mortal Instruments series until last January.  I quickly read them all and waited patiently for City of Lost Souls.  This book was a tough read because of Jace's, um, change in personality.  I've fallen in love with Magnus, Alec, Simon and Isabella.  I really loved Clarey's recklessness in this book.  So what if she put herself in danger?  I like heroines who can take risks for things that are important to them.  Jace is still my all-time favorite YA hero.  I don't know what I would do without his snarkiness, and luckily for me, we have one final book left! Too bad we have such a long wait for it.

Pushing the Limits was one of my most enjoyable surprises of 2012. This book was addictive to read. It is a brilliant addition to the burgeoning new adult genre. This book takes two emotionally screwed up characters and tells the story about how they find salvation in one another. This is not a typical YA novel. It contains copious amounts of swearing, drugs, sexual situations and heavily damaged people. This is not your run-of-the-mill light and happy read about teen-aged angst. This book is an excellent study in character development and I urge you to run to the nearest book store and pick up a copy.

Easy by Tammara Webber easily made the list of my favorites of 2012. The characters had depth, the plot was tight and the emotions kept me on a roller coaster ride. Landon/Lucas is the type of leading man that would have any college-aged girl interested. He's smart, sexy, protective and mysterious. The characters in this book aren't perfect, which makes them more realistic and more believable. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Webber in the future.


Holly Vance said...

Thank you so much for the reviews! I wrote my first book when I was a YA and I am currently reading the genre to guide my revisions. I'll have to check these out.

I am finishing Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. Great voice but the story is a little slow for me.

Alexa said...

Well I certainly need to read some of these books. I was always hoping for books that would be like adult romance and YA mixed together and I'm so happy that a genre now exists.

Thanks for all the great recommendations I need to get some of these :)

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