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Dirty Red (Love Me with Lies #2) - by Tarryn Fisher

Dear Opportunist,
You thought you could take him from me, but you lost. Now, that he's mine I'll do anything to keep him. Do you doubt me? I have everything that was supposed to be yours. In case you were wondering; he doesn't ever think about you anymore. I won't let him go....ever. Dirty Red

Release Date: December 20, 2012
Publisher:  Self Published
Genre:  New Adult, Contemporary
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Honesty is sticky, and I hate it.  It always has consequences that fuck up your life.

This is a tough review to write, mostly because of the heroine.  Leah, aka Dirty Red, is a monstrous, almost inhuman, character that I find myself hating more and more.  I was nervous to read this book because I didn't want Tarryn Fisher to make me like Leah.  I can now safely say that not only do I not sympathize with Leah, I think I hate her even more!  As dismal as that sounds, Leah is one of those characters that I love to hate.  She is such an awful person that it's fun to root against her.

I want a cigarette.  I want a cigarette.  I want to kill the woman my husband loves.  This is all her fault.  I got pregnant to secure the man that I had already married.

Here's the main difference between The Opportunist and Dirty Red:  In The Opportunist, we meet a manipulative Olivia who schemes to get what she wants.  Towards the end of the book, we see Olivia grow up and make adult decisions, even though the decisions break her heart.  In Dirty Red, we don't see any of that character growth.  If anything, Leah plummets even further down the road of despicable characters.  She becomes even worse than what she already was, which is no easy task.  Does that make me dislike this book?  Hell, no!  Some people are just rotten, and Leah's one of them.

He is mine right now, but I am never enough for him.  I can feel it - see it in the way he looks at me.  His eyes are always probing, searching for something.

Plot wise, not a lot was happening until the very end.  We do learn all about Leah's secrets, including the vile cliff hanger secret that has me begging for the next book in this series.  Leah had a tough past, but unlike Olivia who also had a difficult up bringing, Leah does not try to overcome her past.  Leah's parents are just as awful as she is.  The only bright, shining person in Leah's life is her sister, Courtney, who ends up in a bad situation.  Leah has been surrounded by conniving, heartless people her entire life, which makes it very believable that she would turn out just like them.

My father gave me a prestigious job at his company to prove how little he thought of me.  My boyfriend gave me smiles that didn't reach his eyes.  My mother gave me love so thin it felt more like sugarcoated contempt.  If someone had cared enough to say:  Leah, it's all in your head...all I would have to do was refer them to the three people in my life who didn't really want me there.

Caleb really wasn't present in this book all that much.  Caleb, like I said after The Opportunist, is just as manipulative as Olivia.  He has remained married to a woman he doesn't love for way too long.  I question whether Caleb ever loved Leah at all.  While I might find this distasteful, it becomes obvious that Caleb has attempted to leave Leah a few times in the past, but always ended up staying with her due to Leah's manipulations and certain coincidences.  I feel that Caleb was trying to move on from Olivia as best he could, even though he ended up hurting Leah.  But this still doesn't make me feel sorry for Leah.  She has known how Caleb feels about her, and she has fought dirty for him, knowing all along that he would always love Olivia more.  Olivia is really in only two scenes in this book, one being a meeting with Leah that had me cheering Olivia on.  

Fierce, she was so fierce.  It was probably the white trash background that made her such a good fighter.  I gazed at her earnestly to see if she approved.  She did.  I had a second - no - a fraction of a second where I wanted to hug her.  Then, it was gone and I wanted her to die and rot in the ground.

I am very interested to read Caleb's take on his messy life. Although I don't necessarily want Noah to get hurt by Olivia, I have a soft spot for Caleb, even though he is not the moral person we thought he was in The Opportunist. Caleb and Olivia are and always will be addicted to one another - I can't yet say if it's an addiction that will kill them both or an addiction that they can live with. 

"When they're together, it's like putting a hurricane and a tornado in the same room - you can feel the tension.  I didn't believe in the cliche of soul mates until I saw them together."

Hey Tarryn? I really want to know what that gift was that Caleb gave Olivia on her birthday!   Did something happen between Caleb and Olivia during Dirty Red that we don't know about?  We have no clue about the inner workings of Olivia and Noah.  All we know is that Olivia has a successful career and that Noah seems to be a good man.  We also know that Olivia thinks she is in love with two men.  Will Caleb fight dirty to win Olivia back?  Will Olivia be open to advances from Caleb?  What is Leah going to do to destroy Caleb and Olivia?  Don't leave us hanging too long!!


Anonymous said...

omg, great review Jamie! I hadn't heard of this series before, but just the synopsis alone has me wanting to run to b&n or amazon to buy them! a heroine you hated from the beginning til the end, now THAT i want to see! :D


Jamie said...

YES! GO read The Opportunist - the first book - it's on sale right now for $.99!!

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