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Dannika Dark's Impulse Blog Tour - Guest Post & Giveaway!

Dannika Dark's "Impulse" is the 3rd installment in her Mageri series. To celebrate its release, she has allowed us to share a teaser and gives us her thoughts on what makes a villain so bad.

Also, Dannika is offering several prizes that you can win by entering the Rafflecopter below.

· 1 Box Set of The Mageri Series (Sterling, Twist, & Impulse)
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There are several types of villains, and it is up to the author to determine which is appropriate for the story. We have the ultimate “baddies” who are so barbaric in their actions that no one can be saved from their wrath. Then there are those untouchable villains who fly under the radar. They have wealth and connections and are impossible to bring down. Their money and power provide better protection than an army and a shield.

I think what makes a villain so bad is that he is unstoppable. You cannot bargain with him and win. He’s cannot be caught, and he’ll pursue what he wants at all costs. These are the men who have stepped over the line and cannot be saved. They have hurt too many innocent lives for that, and their conscience is almost non-existent.

There are several villainous types in the Mageri Series. There is the head honcho who is always in the background of things, and you begin to see that he’s the mastermind pulling strings. He has other people to do his dirty work. He’s like the Great Oz – not so formidable in his appearance, but people fear him because of his power. Favors are very big among Breed in my world, and when you owe someone, you pay up. He’s the kind of guy who renders his services in order to collects favors, keeping people handy when he needs them, but never allowing their payment to be enough.

Then I have the villains you just want to spit at each time they step on the page. They’re loathsome, violent men who are aggressive just for the hell of it. Some may not be so smart in their actions, and it ultimately leads to their downfall. Others may know when to step back, and take a moment to strategize a new plan in order to achieve what they want. These men operate more on pride than purpose. While the Great Oz may ultimately want to rule Oz, the second villain may just want to see Dorothy’s downfall. 

Motive for a villain is a very important factor in how their role plays out. Some of them are not so obvious, and we don’t find out until later that they were the true mastermind. This is always a dangerous move in writing because readers may have warmed up to that character.

A great villain doesn’t have to just make a pelt out of puppies to make you hate him. He can merely lean in, and whisper a threat in your ear. “Do as I say, or I will slaughter every puppy in your name, and lay their bodies down on the doorsteps of children.”

THAT is the villain that I personally hate. The one who speaks before he acts, and makes his intent known. One that you know without a doubt he will carry out.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, a great villain drives a story.

“Silver, what’s come over you? Stop running from me!” Anger fueled Logan’s voice.
I slowly pivoted around. Logan raked his fingers through his hair and paced toward me. As the space closed between us, the back of my legs bumped against the ledge of the building. A gust of wind blew his long hair to the right and he stopped—eyes locked on my feet.
“Don’t move, Silver. Do you want to tell me why Levi pinned me to the sidewalk while you ran away?”
I swung my leg over the low wall when he stepped forward. He abruptly stopped, flicking his eyes to the perilous drop several stories below. A car horn sounded a million miles below us and a jet raced overhead.
“Stay where you are,” I warned. “Don’t come any closer.”
Logan tilted his head to the side and his jaw hung lax as he struggled to pick up my scent. The wind cooled my cheeks as it gusted from his direction.
In a split second, it shifted.
Wild strands of black hair rippled in front of my face and tangled together. That’s when his eyes widened and Logan drew in a deep breath.
The visceral look on his face caused me to lean back. Deadly canines punched out and Logan flipped his switch, becoming a slave to instinct. His malicious obsidian gaze reminded me of what it felt like to be prey in the eyes of a hunter.
I held my hands out defensively.
Silence blanketed the rooftop. The air never felt so crisp and it was the first time in a long time that I was afraid of Logan.

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Thank you everyone, and wishing you all the best of luck in the contest! I hope that you get the opportunity to read The Mageri Series

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