Monday, October 22, 2012

Spooktacular Giveaway Hop - Guest Post with Maureen McGowan!

Halloween is just around the corner—and… so is the release date for my first YA hardcover novel, Deviants (October 30, 2012).

Deviants is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where much of the earth has been destroyed by asteroids and is covered by a strange coarse dust that’s lethal to most humans and has changed the DNA of others—giving some special “Deviant” abilities, and turning others into sadistic monsters called Shredders. 

My heroine, Glory, and her friends live in a domed city called Haven, which protects them from the dust and Shredders, and is run as a tightly controlled corporation. Generations have passed since the asteroids struck and life inside Haven is bleak. No one even remembers holidays like Halloween existed, and even if they did, there certainly wouldn’t be any candy to hand out. More likely scraps of rat meat.

But, if anyone is looking for Deviants-inspired costume ideas for parties or trick-or-treating, here are some suggestions.

Glory is the sixteen-year-old heroine of Deviants. She always wears practical, simple clothes that let her climb ropes, navigate narrow ledges, and jump between run-down buildings inside Haven—not to mention run from the Compliance Officers (Comps) who would kill her if they learned she has Deviant abilities. Glory’s dark hair is usually tied up in a ponytail. As an added bonus, carrying a few dead rats and a wind-up flashlight would add to your Glory costume. 
But the key if you were to dress up as Glory would be the eyes. Glory can kill with her eyes, so I’m thinking freaky contact lenses would get the point across. Check out the artist’s interpretation on my cover. 
On the cover, she looks a lot like Oliva Wilde, but in my imagination, Glory’s got more of a Hispanic vibe.
Burn is one of Glory’s romantic interests in Deviants. He’s tall and broad and hunky, with dark chin-length hair. Think of a cross between younger versions of Joe Manganiello and Taylor Kitsch. Burn is dangerous and mysterious and almost always wears a long heavy coat that’s big—even on his large frame—and perfect for hiding a plethora of handmade weapons.

Dressing up as a Shredder would also be an awesome costume choice. Shredders are scab covered, with bulging eyes and often have places where their bones protrude from beneath torn off skin. (So pretty!) Their patchy hair is most often matted and might have human bones or teeth woven in. For a visual, think of a cross between a zombie and the reavers from the short-lived TV show Firefly.

The Compliance Officers are the defacto police force and army inside and outside Haven. They wear heavy armor not unlike a storm trooper, and if they are assigned outside the dome, they’d definitely be sporting a serious gas mask. Another inspiration for your Comp costume might be the poster for the recent movie Dredd 3D.

Mr. Belando is the Vice President of Compliance. If you want to go out for Halloween as Mr. Belando, I’d suggest a sharp looking man’s suit, preferably with some sheen, and a silver tie. Your hair should be well groomed and slicked down, so not a hair can move out of place. The more plastic and perfect you can look, the better. Maybe go for something like an Alec Baldwin, circa 1990, wax statue.

I hope that gives you some great ideas! Happy Halloween!

Maureen McGowan is the author of Deviants (October, 2012) and two other books for teens. She always loved writing, but side-tracked by a persistent practical side, it took her a few years to channel her energy into novels. After leaving a career in finance and accounting, she hasn't looked back.
Aside from her love of books, she's passionate about films, fine handcrafted objects and shoes. She lives and writes in Toronto, Canada.


laura thomas said...

That was a really fun post. It's nice to meet you Maureen. Thanks so much for the giveaway. It's a great way to discover new books and authors. I think I'll really enjoy Deviants. The cover art is spectacular, and the synopsis has me hooked already:)

I wonder who is playing Dredd now. I loved the first movie and the cast was amazing. Stallone, Snipes and Bullock!!!

Happy Halloween!

Maureen McGowan said...

Hi Laura! Thanks for having me here. I think the new Dredd is Karl Urban, who also plays Bones in the new Star Trek reboot. But from what I've heard, he leaves his mask/helmet on the whole time--which is more in keeping with the comic/graphic novel, but must have been kind of limiting for the actor!

Loupe Duffy said...

Thanks for the chance :)

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