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Review: Zenescope's Alice in Wonderland: Vol. 1 by Raven Gregory

Alice in Wonderland Vol. 1 (Issues #1-6) 
Zenescope | October 30, 2012 | 184 pgs
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Decades ago, a girl named Alice was sacrificed into the horror-filled realm of Wonderland but her terrifying and awe-inspiring experiences there have been shrouded in mystery.
The one thing known is that her time spent in a world full of insanity left her a broken adult. However, her courageous will to survive is what ultimately saved humanity. Now the story of Alice’s visit into Wonderland is fully revealed and the truth of the terror will be told in full! From Raven Gregory, Ralph Tedesco and Joe Brusha, the same minds behind Grimm Fairy Tales and Return To Wonderland comes the newest series that Zenescope fans have been waiting for. What every Zenescope fan has been waiting for is finally here! Follow Zenescope back down the rabbit hole and find a world of madness like you have never seen before! 

I have often wondered if I was the only one. If anyone else heard those little whispers in their heads... Sometimes it's enough to drive a person quite mad.

Another delightfully twisted tale from the creative mind of Raven Gregory.

As the story begins, Alice's grandparents are coaxing her down the rabbit hole, an entrance that will lead her to Wonderland. They're telling her what a brave girl she is and explaining that there are times when she must do things that she doesn't want to. 

She enters the small opening and is greeted by a white rabbit who leads her to the Realm of Dreams.
"And what if I don't want to play?" "Silly girl . . . down here we all play the game."

Upon entering Wonderland, she encounters the Jabberwocky, a creature that feeds off of the innocents who venture there. He holds her prisoner for many years until the rabbit returns to help her escape. 

Alice should feel relief at her unexpected rescue, but once she is met by the Cheshire Cat, a vicious and bloodthirsty beast, she realizes how terrifying Wonderland can be.

She crosses paths with many more disturbing characters along the way, each one as mad and twisted as the next. I enjoyed them all, from Tiberius to the Hatter, even the Queen of Hearts was wickedly entertaining.

"All of the dark, dirty things that live in the madness just beyond the world that we can see. All the insanity given freedom and form. All of it released and spilling into me and unleashing something of complete and utter horror that I never knew existed. And it was good."

As the story progresses, Alice finds herself sought after by many of Wonderland's citizens. The Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, and the Jabberwocky are all determined to get their hands on her.

In the end, it all leads to Alice commanding a large army and she is forced to become a warrior prepared to fight against the things that previously scared her. Gone is the lost little girl in a strange land.

Overall, I thought Alice in Wonderland was a fantastic story and I couldn't put it down until I reached the very last page. My only minor complaint would be about Alice's ridiculous clothing that was clearly designed to show the maximum amount of . . um . . assets. But this is Zenescope and I've been a fan long enough to know that this is just something that I have to suffer through if I want to be entertained by their awesome story lines.


Melliane said...

wow the pictures are wonderful, just for that I really want the book. thanks for the discovery!

Addicted2Heroines said...

You're welcome ;-) Zenescope has a lot of other "Wonderland" titles as well. Escape from Wonderland, Return to Wonderland, Call of Wonderland, Beyond Wonderland. Hopefully I can get caught up on those soon.

Thanks for stopping by! <3

Alexa said...

My boyfriend love comic books and graphic novels and he is always wanting me to read them but I just don't take a huge interest in marvel superheros. I'm always on the look out for something a bit more girly and I think this sounds like a great story, even if the woman does have to have huge boobs to pull off her part. Not sure why that is so big in comic books, maybe because these men will never feel real boobs.

Thanks for the great review!

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