Thursday, October 18, 2012

Review: Night of 1000 Wolves by Bobby Curnow & Dave Wachter

Issues #1-3 | 72 pages
IDW Publishing | Oct 23, 2012
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In the Dark Ages, the tranquil life of Harrick Benjyon and his family is shattered by unthinkable tragedy. Before they can react, the family finds themselves under seige by hordes of wolves with one aim - Death! A race for survival becomes all the more impossible by the arrival of the supernatural... and the dark secrets that lie at the heart of the Benjyon family.

The wolves . . . the wolves will have us all!

A gruesome, action-packed tale of love, sacrifice, and the consequences following a father's betrayal. 

The story begins with Grandfather Tine's warning of impending danger. He claims that Nagbre is coming, seeking vengeance for the death of her children. 

Initially the family doesn't believe him, but they quickly realize that the danger is real when they are attacked near their home by a bloodthirsty wolf.

Realizing the children are out alone, they race to find them and bring them back to safety. Unfortunately, they are too late to save both children and return with only one alive.

They find themselves under attack by a very large and very organized pack of wolves. They flee their home searching for more secure shelter, but what they discover is a creature that makes the wolves they have previously encountered seem tame in comparison.

The creature proves to be too strong for Harrick and his wife to overcome. Thankfully, they are rescued and quickly make their way to Cragen's Keep for sanctuary. But the wolves continue to pursue them and won't stop until Nagbre receives what she was promised.

What follows is a vicious battle with images that vividly depict the enormous amount of gore and bloodshed. 

Before the massacre ends, we learn more about what drove Nagbre to release her children, allowing them to spread death among Harrick's family and friends. 

Overall, I thought Night of 1000 Wolves was a fast-paced tale that fans of horror and fantasy will appreciate. The story line itself didn't feel quite imaginative enough for me to give more than a 3 star rating, but that doesn't mean that I would hesitate to read any continuation of this series.


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