Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Release Day Review: Pandaemonium by Ben Macallan

October 30, 2012 | Solaris | 352 pgs
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Desdaemona has done a thing so so terrible that she has to run away from the consequences. Again. Where better to look for shelter than with the boy she was running from before? But trouble follows. And if it’s not Jacey’s parents who sent the deadly crow-men, the Twa Corbies, in chase of her, then who is it? Deep under London, among the lost and rejected of two worlds, answers begin to emerge from Desi’s hidden past. Answers that send her north in a flight that turns to a hunt, with strange companions and stranger prey. Dangers lie ahead and behind; inconvenient passion lays traps for her just when she needs a clear head; at the last even Desi has to beg for help. From one who has more cause than most to want her dead...

Circumstances change so fast; it takes nimble footwork just to keep up, and your heart lags behind even in the best of times, which these most emphatically were not.

Desdaemona, Ben Macallan's debut, was one of my top reads of 2011. He has a unique style of writing that I find mesmerizing and I quickly devoured his novel and was left wanting more. 

Desdaemona was the story of a boy named Jordan who was constantly on the run from the Powers of his world that were determined to find him. Pandaemonium is Desdaemona's story, a secondary character to Jordan who eventually plays a very important role in his life. She causes a lot of trouble at the conclusion of the first story and I found myself eager to dive into the next novel and learn more about her character.

As the story begins, Desi is on the run from Jordan, afraid of the consequences that her actions against him may have caused. But we quickly discover that Jordan is not the only person hunting her.

She finds herself running to Jacey, an ex from her past that we learn about in the debut. I enjoyed exploring his character and the relationship that he once had with Desi. He knew her before she became Desdaemona, when she was still Fay, and many references were made about the differences between the two.

So she left Fay behind, and Desi went out into the world, and you could argue a long time over whether she was trying to find herself or lose herself entirely. Both at once, I think, and not a little bit of each but altogether.

Of all the things that I liked about this novel, one of my favorite moments was near the ending, when Desi has her final confrontation with the "bad guy". I loved every vivid detail that Macallan describes about him. He was something straight out of a science fiction horror movie and was very easy to imagine. 

Pandaemonium was a unique and entertaining read and I'm hoping we will have a third book in this series. I enjoyed Desdaemona's character, but I've loved Jordan from the very beginning and find myself more interested in knowing what's happening with him now that he has experienced such drastic changes. But whether we get more Jordan or not, I can't wait to read whatever Macallan comes up with next. 


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