Friday, October 5, 2012

Cover Reveal - The Better to Bite by Cynthia Eden

Don’t go into the woods.
Sixteen-year-old Anna Lambert knows that the woods near her new home aren’t safe. She’s seen the wolves that stalk through that dark forest, but Anna doesn’t scare easily.
Anna is cursed–or gifted, depending on how you look at it–with the ability to find anyone or anything that is lost. So when folks start disappearing in the small town of Haven, Anna’s father, the sheriff, has to use her special skills as they begin to hunt for a killer.
But the killer isn’t exactly human. As Anna is pulled deeper into the secrets of Haven–a town that is truly cursed–she finds herself falling for two, equally mysterious boys. With the danger closing in, one of those boys may just turn out to be her savior. And the other? He could be a very big, very bad…beast.
Beware of beasts…and boys…with bite.

The Better to Bite will be Cynthia Eden's first published YA novel. It's described as Veronica Mars meets Little Red Riding Hood. Release date is still to be determined.


Jamie Hanna said...

That book sounds soooo good! LOVE the cover :) The red hair and dress on the pale skin really make it pop!

Carin said...

That is an amazing cover! LOVE it!

Melliane said...

oh what a beautiful dress!

Addicted2Heroines said...

Thank you all for the comments! I know there are a lot of covers out there with models in beautiful dresses, but something about this one really stood out to me. I'm so glad you all love it as much as I do <3

Tina B said...

I am excited to read this one! I have yet to find a book by Cynthia Eden that I didn't enjoy. :)
Love the cover too. Very eye catching.

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