Thursday, September 27, 2012

Early Review: The Mysterious Madam Morpho (Blud #1.5) by Delilah Dawson

Oct 2, 2012 | Pocket Books
Ebook | 100 pages
Source: Edelweiss
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Taking place after Wicked as They Come, this original eBook features a mysterious lady and a reclusive mechanical genius who find love and danger in a traveling circus. An elusive woman arrives at Criminy’s doorstep with a steamer trunk, begging for a position in the caravan to perform her unique new act. She opens her trunk to reveal a menagerie of brilliantly colored butterflies. The woman, who calls herself Madam Morpho, is on the run from a dark past in London, where she was forced to leave her equipment behind and abscond with only her tiny performers. Playing a hunch, Criminy hires Madam Morpho on the spot. Taking her down to meet Mr. Murdoch, the reclusive talented engineer who keeps the carnival’s clockworks running, Criminy instructs them to work together to design and build a groundbreaking new circus for the butterflies. Amid the magical ambiance of the circus and the hint of danger from Madam Morpho’s pursuers, she and Mr. Murdoch soon find that their scientific collaboration has produced chemistry of a more romantic kind.

Another clever, imaginative story by Delilah Dawson, a talented author that we're lucky to have in the paranormal romance genre.

Since I know it's the single most important question on every Blud fans mind, I'll start by saying that Criminy makes several appearances during this story.

In fact, the story begins with Tish, a shirtless Criminy in a pair of argyle stockings, and a naughty exploration of musical theory.

But the main focus is on Imogen Morpho and her incredibly rare collection of butterflies, thought to be extinct in Sang. It's obvious she is fleeing from someone or something, but with one glance from Tish, Criminy allows her to become a part of the caravan family.

Due to her need of props for her butterflies to perform, Imogen is sent to meet the mysterious Mr. Murdoch. The reclusive, secretive mechanist who has only been seen by two other members of the circus. 

Madam Morpho can't help but to be intrigued by Mr. Murdoch and he is equally captivated despite learning what it is that brought her to Criminy's doorstep.

As the story progresses, they explore their mutual attraction, share their secrets, and escape a pack of ravenous bludbadgers. 

It's another sexy steampunk adventure in the magical world of Sang. Pinkies will love this!


Anonymous said...

Wow never read any book that sounds like this before. Truly one of a kind.

Addicted2Heroines said...

It certainly is ;-) It's a very unique and incredibly entertaining series. You should give it a try.

delilah s. dawson said...

Um, this is one of my fav reviews ever. <3 So glad you liked it, and thanks for reading, Cat!

Addicted2Heroines said...

Thanks so much Delilah!

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