Sunday, August 19, 2012

Book Buzz [1]

Welcome to our new feature, where we'll talk about the books we've received for review, the books we've borrowed and bought, and books that we learned about from other blogs. We might also sneak in some posts we read that we feel are worth spreading around the blogosphere.

Demons at Deadnight recommended by VampAngel
Avoiding Commitment recommended by Cimmaron at Talk Supe
Shadowlands via Edelweiss
Into the Woods via Edelweiss
Flawed found at Talk Supe's Waiting on Wednesday
Revival #1 review at I Smell Sheep

J.R. Ward's Lover At Last pg. 51 teaser
Qhuinn was vaguely aware that his chest was pumping up and down and that his hands had become fists-“Pull the f*ck over!” he screamed as he slammed the dashboard hard enough to send one of the air vents flying.
The flatbed was wrenched over and the brakes squealed as their velocity slowed. But Qhuinn was out of there. Dematerializing, he escaped through the crack in the window... along with Blay’s exhale.
 —Lover at Last, pg. 51 of the manuscript

Ilona Andrews' Facebook teaser for Kate Daniels #6
A beautiful African-American woman waited for us in the North Conference Room. She was on the cusp of thirty, of average height and flawless build, with large breasts, delicately curved waist, and long legs. A dark green sweater dress, complete with a draped cowl and a sash, hugged her figure, showcasing her lovely skin tone, the color of coffee with a drop of cream. Her hair, a naturally curvy, textured halo, framed her heart-shaped face.
Curran didn’t miss a bit. “Saiman, you look lovely. Thank you for dressing up.”


Braine TS said...

Thanks for the link up ladies and thanks for sharing that BDB teaser. My facebook is out so I'm not as updated.

Underworld Love Addiction said...

I can't wait for Lover at Last!!!

Kah Cherub said...

Revival sounds awesome!!! Oh, and Lover at Last does too. :) I have to start that series already... >.>

Beth D. said...

Nice stack! Hope you guys enjoy all of them!

Beth ^_^

Escapism Fanatic said...

Thanks for the Kate 6 snippet. I can't wait.

So is this going to be a new feature from now on?

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