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Author Interview & Giveaway with Darynda Jones!

The first review ever written at A2H was my 5 star review of Second Grave on the Left in August 2011. Now that we're reaching the conclusion of our 1st year celebration, I thought a perfect way to end the month would be with the author whose series helped get this blogging thing started. 

Darynda Jones is a brilliant author who creates stories that are the perfect blend of funny, dark, and sexy. She has created a protagonist that you want to hang out with and a love interest that will stay on your mind long after the story has ended. 

She has agreed to answer a few questions about her fourth release in the Charley Davidson series, Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet, and the debut in her new Darklight series, Death and the Girl Next Door

Both are October releases and you can view the details by clicking on the covers below. 

Many of my favorite adult fantasy authors are now venturing into YA. What made you decide to begin a young adult series and what are some of your favorites?
Actually, I wrote YA long before I wrote adult. I branched out into adult fiction when I wrote the Charley Davidson series. I’ve been writing YA since I was a YA. I took a hiatus and wrote a historical romance (my first complete manuscript), then went back into YA and wrote the first in the Darklight series, Death and the girl Next Door. After that, I wrote First Grave on the Right. First Grave just happened to sell before the YA. 
I was trying out different genres, seeing which I liked best, but I always find myself coming back to YA. I think I love the “discovery” of it all. My characters get to discover their first loves, what true friendship means, if they have any supernatural powers. Haha. I love paranormal! 
My favorites. Wow, there are so many. I love the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. And, yes, I am a huge Twilight fan. I think Stephanie Meyer did something most authors only dream of, and for some bizarre reason there is a lot of jealousy and snarkiness surrounding her success. But I say, GOOD FOR HER! Her win is a win for all of us. She opened the doors to so many other readers that we would simply not have otherwise. So I, for one, am grateful for sparkly vampires. Haha. 
Are there any similarities between your Darklight series and Charley Davidson?
Um…yes. Too many, probably. And I’ll tell you why. I wrote the YA, set it aside, then (thinking it would never sell) stole many elements from the YA and put them in the Charley Davidson series. Yeah, I might not ought to have done that. But I have since rewritten it and hopefully it won’t be too noticeable. Still, the heroes, Jared and Reyes, are, erm, remarkably similar. Physically anyway. 
I love the witty one-liners at the beginning of each chapter in Charley's series, especially the t-shirts. If your new protagonist, Lorelei, was wearing one of these, what would it say?
Ha! It would probably say, “If God is watching us, the least we can do is be entertaining.”
Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet is only a few months away and many of us are salivating at the thought of more time with Charley and Reyes. What can we expect from this fourth installment and what sets it apart from previous stories?
I think the most important thing that sets Fourth apart is that we get to learn quite a bit more about what Charley is capable of as well as her heritage, as it were. Also, Reyes is in it a bit more and his role in her life is growing with each book. Though the mystery surrounding him still remains, his intentions toward her, his hopes for her and his desire to protect her, manifest profoundly. Also, we get an insight into her father and his bizarre behavior toward her lately. I think Fourth just answers a lot of lingering questions.   
How many books are planned for Charley's series? Infinity is an acceptable number.  
LOL! Well, my editor wants it to be ongoing, so infinity is a definite possibility. I would love for it to continue quite a while longer. I adore writing about Charley and her antics. She never ceases to amaze me. 
I saved the most important question for last. Will we ever learn Mr. Wong's secrets?
That’s a good question. :) I love me some Mr. Wong, and I am hoping to bring him more into the picture in Fifth Grave, but I’m not sure if his story will be told just yet. I think it will almost have to be told eventually. Too many enquiring minds want to know it! 

For my Charley and Reyes fans! 
I wanted to share with you this amazing fan art that I 
had created by a wonderful artist at 

Fill in the Rafflecopter for a chance to win
one of the following options listed below. 
Giveaway is international.

Option 1:
First Grave on the Right (Charley Davidson #1) &
Second Grave on the Left (Charley Davidson #2)

 Option 2 (Pre-orders):
Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (Charley Davidson #4) &
Death and the Girl Next Door (Darklight #1)


Shane said...

Wonderful interview and giveaway.

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Melissa B said...

LOVE, love these books...I am SO looking forward to Fourth, Darynda...and to finding out more about both Charley AND Reyes. I can't wait for Charley to start figuring out what she is capable of...I forsee much hilarity!!

miki said...

Thank you so much for this new wonderful international giveaway i would love to win option 2 those pre order^^ because i want more Charley and Reyes^^

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Carmel @ Rabid Reads said...

These books have been on my wishlist forever. Perhaps winning them will give me the extra push that I need. Good work on the interview and thanks for the chance!

Kerry said...

Great interview and thanks for the giveaway and YES REYES is a heartthrob :)

Corrie said...

Such a great interview and giveaway, I can't wait for the newest books!

Hida Villa said...

nice giveaway

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Cayce said...

I loved the first 3 Charley Davidson books, so I'd love to win Option 2 :)

Thank you for the interview! Loved every answer! Infinity sounds like a good number for the Charley books :)
And I'm dying to hear how poor Mr. Wong ended up in the corner of Charley's apartment facing the wall.

Love the fan art!!

Crissy said...

Darynda Jones is just amazing! I loved the interview and the concept of infinite Charley books :)

raven said...

I love all your books!!! Option 2 for me because I own them all so far!! You are awesome! I am a Grimlet!!

Cathy M said...

I had the pleasure of reading the first three books back to back, and man, that was such a treat. I adore your humor, Darynda, and you blend that perfectly with your romance and suspense storylines.

Anonymous said...

Love the books!

Melliane said...

thanks for the giveaway and the wonderful interview.

Chelsea Rafferty said...

Love the interview! I just recently discovered the Charley series and I must admit I'm super in love with it :) Although I am super curious if Darynda knows the name of the fifth book yet??? since its first grave on the "right" Second grave on the "left". Third grave dead "ahead" and then Fourth grave "beneath" my feet... so I'm so curious since I'm weird like that... is the Fifth going to be like Fifth Grave Behind My Feet? hehe! ;) <3

J. D. Brown said...

SQUEE! I love Darynda and Charley and Reyes (maybe especially Reyes!). I hope I win the contest, I'll buy Book 4 either way, but would be nice on my bank account to win them. ;-)

pnr junkie said...

Oh oh oh oh option 2

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the awesome interview and contest! Keeping my fingers crossed.

Tiffany said...

Finger's crossed I have the first three book's I can't wait for this one!

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Awesome! Thanks so much for the interview, gorgeous art and giveaway! This is amazing!
-Novel Reveries

SARAH said...

so excited that you have TWO new books coming out next month!!!!!!!! you are AMAZING!!

Gisele said...
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Ileana A. said...

:OOOOOOOOOMG!!! Thank you so much for this! I'm so freaking excited!! I'm GFC follower: Gisele Alvarado. There was no extra box in the rafflecopter form and my name there is different. Thanks for the goddies! :D

fishgirl182 said...

thank you for the interview and giveaway. i was so excited to hear about darynda's ya series and am glad it will have the same wit and humor as charley davidson. can't wait!

Darynda said...

Thank you guys so much, and good luck!!!!! Chelsea, book five will be Fifth Grave Past the Light. LOL. A little double entendre humor for you.

And to Gisele, why did you remove your comment??? Now I'm going to go crazy trying to figure out what you said or what would make you remove it. Oh the agony!

Braine TS said...

Fantabulous giveaway! I really want the CD series!

Fairyluver75 said...

Awesome!!!! I love Charley and Reyes! I cant wait for the next book! Thank you for an awesome interview!! Would love option 2!

Anonymous said...

Hey can I have that awesome drawing...would be so "killer" in my romantic goth bedroom

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Yay, Darynda! I can't wait for these new books. :-D

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Great interview! I can't wait for Fourth Grave!!

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Great interview! I love this series! And Reyes is a total hottie!!

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